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No, no, no. It's all about just finding right material inviting somebody I can fall in love with do you fall in love easily. No you've been with the same woman since what eighty four. Four eighty thirty years thirty plus years. It's it's just it's crazy to me. How like someone has a body work like this where where they come from? Where you like you hear about Spielberg, and you hear about these big directors, and they studied at USC, and they always wanted to be a filmmaker was that you I wanted to be the next Barry Manilow. How's that sound? Do. You know? Are you kidding? You're playing with me right now. I can't because I'm a huge Barry Manilow fan. Well, they go if I can you name five Barry Manilow songs. Mandy copacabana. Could it be magic? Yeah. We can New England saying they wanna highschool they'll again New England. So you wanted to be the next Barry Manilow? I did want to be the next berry mental. It was funny. I wanted to see him with the how it will two years ago. And I call the ticket scalper it's the best seat to remand. And the guy says don't worry, we know probably getting. Front row practically it was fantastic. Excellent. Anything everything right? Always saying all so much energy fence that he's sing even. Yeah. We'll have. And so you're a singer why started off with on? Yeah. Do still sing does your wife. Catch you singing and go God, you're not anymore. Not anymore. I've kind of fallen out of it. And all that stuff. You don't wanna don't wanna hear it? No. You find yourself seeing on sets on pilots. Let's crazy. I just was at a concert. How it bull had Michael McDonald? Was there? Kenny Loggins increase because across brought fifty my friends from early. Of course, I knew he wasn't an amazing antastic. It was a great concert. Mooney fantastic. Still love it because you were around my age. Exactly. Right. And mentally you're much older old. You fifty eight fifty eight you have such a soft sweet face soft sweet young faced you do. You. Look you look young fifty eight. He just nah field. Fifty eight. You feel fifty. Yeah. No, no. What it was? It was the fact that in highschool I sang, and it was musicals the whole thing acted and whole deal. I love doing that much. I went to college was always major, and then when we got into college, and I share contin realize it, I'm not going to do it. I won't be able to want to be not that good down. I started I music. I sorta maybe the business of music, and that none of that something had turned me on in nineteen eighty. I took a filmmaking class because there's no may write music for movies, right? And they're all of your sleeve process of making movies, and I wrote music for this little movie, I did as maybe I can touch an audience through that through music. Three four through score, John Williams. Well, exactly Thomas numerous something. But then I decided through directing by this wrote MRIs was more of a blue collar profession in some respects at that point was hard that hard work. And I was at a film school in which they had a lot of equipment, but not all students or was this university of Miami Florida hard to get into. No, no, it wasn't wasn't much of film school at all getting into western Kentucky university. Exactly. He's pretty easy. Yeah. Good school..

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