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Off with me as always as Mark Souso. We got two very controversial games. I guess one. Controversial the other was pretty competitive, but there are some questions to that game as well. And but we gotta start, of course with the NFC championship game Rams in saints Rams are going into Super Bowl. After a field goal was made fifty seven yards to seal it. And now the question is not about the field goal. Not about the touchdowns. It was about a no call that happened pretty late in the game. At the it would've would've Braun the saints to the one yard line that pass interference. But we're he'd mainly just tackle the nailed the tackles is light were to us. He nailed the guy coming off the the throw and he couldn't even reach the ball. And yet there was no pass interference call in the Superdome. Let the row. Habit. It was pretty intense booing in a lot of hissing hollering. And people think that was the reason the Rams won that game. Would you agree Mark? I mean, it wasn't the reason why the Rams won the game. But it's definitely one of the worst miscall. Oh, yeah. In sports history. I mean, I think we can I don't think we're overstepping when we say that this was one of the worst calls of all types like the tuck rule or. Yeah. Basically the tuck rule wasn't a miscall just about rule like a dumb rule that was remembered like the tuck rule, right? So that's what I'm implying. So this game will be remembered. Absolutely for that one way horrible miscall because the thing is not only was it pass interference. There's also Mattel the contact. They could actually thrown a flag for two different fouls on the same. They would have been at the half distance legal inch either way either way. The ball would either been at the six yard line or about the ten if they called a personal foul, but the saints would have had the ball with a minute forty four left and the Rams could only stop the clock one more time. So they would've kneeled three times and then kicked a field goal. Whether or not we'll let's makes it we don't know. But about a twenty seven yard field goal is ninety five percent for today's kicker. So does he make it probably I would say ninety plus percent chance that he makes it wins the game we say ninety five. Yeah. We'll never know. But regardless the Rams would not have had an opportunity to get the ball. John Wayne was going to kill someone. I thought shopping was get attack one of the rafts. I really did. He looked like he was gonna choke one. They give you just gonna a poll. Yeah. Sure. The rest didn't even hear the crowd noise. They just heard jumping because he was going. Absolutely. Can you you can't blame the guy. I can't blame Sean Payton for that. But I can blame Sean Payton for the loss. How so. Well, first off on first down. He throws an incomplete pass. Yeah. That that was a big big missile. We know that shown pain is a risk taker he never plays conservative. And even when he has the best running arguing the best running American League in Alvin Kamara. He's still doesn't run the ball as often as should. Yeah. And the situation calls for around there because it's under two minutes. The defense kind kinda have them on the ropes at that point like they need to stop. And by you throwing the football you allow them to stop the clock without burning a timeout and commerical get that first down. It's very possible chance to get a gun that first down. And the thing is is that the play that they called was a little slant. Route to Thomas underneath a another receiver kind of setting a screen. Familiar like pick place. So it wasn't very high percentage pass like I get I get what they were doing. But again, you throwing the football you allow yourself the opportunity to be scrutinized and. Hell, yeah. It didn't work out. And what happened was it changes? Second and ten the Rams still have a time out like that changes the complexity of the Rams timeout whole different story. Right. I believe that only one time I left so too. So fortunately for Sean Payton, a blown calls what the game will be remembered remembered by not him this managing the game. You know?.

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