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And yellow Line suspended at Howard Still Brown line. Expect some delays because of mechanical problems. Mary Vandeveld a B G M traffic Central, some of us in the Chicago Land area, woke up to us many is 18 inches of snow today. Haven't stinted Valparaiso saw Foot and a half as of this morning Lake effect, Snow slammed the midway Airport area. With 17.7 inches about 7.5 inches reported at O'Hare about 3 to 5. Inches of snow still possible near the lake front today. Chicago public schools canceled in person learning due to the storm. City of Chicago has postponed all vaccinations and testing due to the winter storm for today to be clear there's only applies to people who had vaccination or testing appointment scheduled with the city. Those people who had those appointments scheduled will be contacted by the city of Chicago. With rescheduled rescheduling information. Mayor Lori Lightfoot announce the expansion of indoor dining in Chicago, effective immediately due to the significant progress in the fight against Cove in 19. As of today, restaurants and bars can serve 50 people or 40% capacity. Whatever's fewer table size remains limited. No more than six people. Alcohol service still ends at 11 P.m.. Cities, allowing that after Chicago recorded fewer than 400 new covert 19 cases per day for the past three days, and the Senate has announced its first hearings to examine the January 6th siege on the Capitol, calling in the former chief of Capitol police and the former heads of security for the House and the Senate, all three of whom resigned immediately after the attack. Two Senate committees will meet next week to begin abroad. Examination of the security failures that land that led to the vast breach which five people died. In addition to the February 23rd hearing. Two committees are pressing for information from almost two dozen agencies and departments about the response. WGN Sports Northwestern takes on Illinois tonight in college basketball pre game 7 45 Tip off Is it eight with Dave ended and Joey Meyer on 7 20, WGN and WGN radio dot com. COLLEGE basketball. Northern Illinois is in Akron. Michigan State is at Purdue and the Blackhawks will visit Detroit tomorrow. Pre game with Chris Boden is.

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