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That wbap dot com some lear did that phrase weapons of war come from we have heard a huge boost by almost every one of these anti gun kids from the florida high school we have heard it used by at one of the fathers who lost his daughter in high school when he was a attacking marco rubio last night at the ill fated a town hall in so i i said executive bruce christmas said i i've never heard this before where did this come from the democrat talking point is you know and he said now i've heard of before said okay well so we found it he found that will is the earliest using of the phrase use of the phrase weapons of war that we can possibly find who do you think set lest you have any doubt as to if this is truly a nonpartisan outrage let you have any doubt if these folks were anti trump or protrump before this shooting in high school and high school shooting florida lsu have any doubt where they stood politically before the shooting it is now going to be laid to rest with this here's the first thing first time we could ever hear the word we can find the words levin's war being used against are 15th which restore the ban on military style assault weapons m a kremin round runup her margaret emma deserves a vote in congress because weapons of war have no place on our streets weapons of war hail there you go the democrats talking point barack hussein obama said this showed the king of prussia chris road to all while literally almost five years ago that void fourth 2013 exit over five years ago it was first uttered as far as we can find brought by barack hussein obama the most the chief democrat you know what i mean isn't it still biased i emphasize highprofile democrat in the us in in the world as far as we know i mean you know he's more popular borbor powerful than hilary as phil is done so there you go these weapons of war here ollie's are you guys who kids are failing hill you know base engage really kick encourage where do weapons before the just uttering there are their favorite president's words from five years ago there you go eight hundred two eight eight wbap is our.

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