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Pricing applies to select products and his at the sole discretion of the retailer he's a brass night gray we've gotten some other smarter on the podcast this week we've has to find you hear every day which makes us inherently smarter we've had my klay on the podcast today we had built bomb on the show yesterday we've only had matthew on the show for two or three days so far so our intelligence is all the way i hear is that we are all the way up i get to wide receiver cornerback matchups uh they say we add that it may head i would immediately heard him say tighten up and says you say up now and it that is terrible is iron that for you at second it's nightmares matthews influence is strong damaris thomas mike you think he has by my clay writes an excellent wide receiver corn amac match up as i mentioned here every single there are a couple of peace as i read on espn dot com every single week sunday morning i reached the finals injury blog during the week i read mike's wide receiver cornerback matchup great nuggets they're all over the yard the mary thomas mike had a a poor game last week against the chargers i will note that he had a long long catch that was notified by often surpass pass interference i will also note of the nfl rafts have no idea how to officiate offense of passenger fearing still um that was not often surpass interference for the record damaris thomas though he has a great match against the teach she believe yeah last thursday evening i posted a tweet about an hour before game time which a lot of people are happy to see kind of help to make a decision on some fellow by the name of amari cooper didn't stop you from trading him away but it did a did in your off the blackout.

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