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Was a setup. So I take responsibility for falling for a setup, and that's all. I'm going to say that. We've got response from the California Beauty Federation's legal counsel. Add 6 47 Today it's online, too had kpk dot com Afternoon news Kitty O'Neil. In other news today marks the one year anniversary of the dive boat fire off the coast of Southern California killed 34 people, including five members of a Stockton family gave the case. Jodie Guerrero has that story. A memorial for the conception. Dive boat victims is now in Santa Barbara Harbor. Plac lists the names of 33 passengers and one crew member who died when the diving vessel caught fire on September 2nd of last year. Only five crew members escaped the blaze. The National Transportation Safety Board is still reviewing an investigation into the fire and plans to meet October 20th. I'll discuss the probable cause and any changes to the draft final report. Jody Guerrero News 93.1 KFBK. A special commission has picked a replacement for the old Mississippi state flag. ABC is Jim Ryan says the previous flag included the Confederate stars and bars and its upper left hand corner. The commission saw 3800 design suggestions from around the country. It has narrowed it to one, a dark blue field with red stripes trimmed in gold on the left and right in the center, the state flower, the magnolia, surrounded by 20 stars and the words in God, we trust below the circle of stars. Mississippi voters will either approve or reject the banner on November 3rd Jim Ryan ABC News And Elon Musk, demonstrating the use of a computer chip used to control the brain called Nora Link. The chip is designed to be implanted into a person's skull with small wires connecting to the brain. Musk says he hopes the technology can be used to treat neural disorders and help spinal injury victims regained body movement. He also believes the system could be used in the future. To improve intelligence to help humans keep up with supercomputers as well as artificial intelligence technology. And new this afternoon maintenance on secretary's levees and critical waterway said start this week. Utility crews working on levees and service roads while re armoring areas under bridges and clearing debris that could service of flood risk for the city. The first one scheduled for maintenance is lower. Morrison rode off Franklin Boulevard near Consumes River Boulevard. All right, 86 or seven at KPK coming up in our building a better Sacramento. Oh, another victim of covered 19. And it is a holiday tradition will tell you about that ahead. Right now. This hour's top national stories on news 93.1 kfbk.

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