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Barricaded roads blocked access to the trains and patrolled the airport at L. A. acts passengers aren't taking chances I do have a mask in here so probably when I get on the airplane I'll put my mask on concerned about this is I don't want to get sick CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez gets prison time for the former top boss and founder of insist therapeutics a pharmaceutical executive John could pour sentenced to five and a half years for what prosecutors say was his role in fueling the nationwide opioid crisis accompany prescribed large amounts of the fentanyl spray that the that the prosecutor said leads to that crisis in the country the sentence is the longest prison term given to seven former executives it insists the Astoria case centered on a medication called subsets a powerful highly addictive narcotic intended to treat patients with cancer suffering from intense pain well dozens of small businesses looking to open marijuana dispensaries let their voices be heard during a meeting with the cannabis control commission in Worcester we get details now from WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe one by one economic empowerment license applicants got up to voice their concerns about the commission's license approval process they say that process has created an unlevel playing field for the little guy in low income areas wanting to open a marijuana dispensary we are not just numbers on paper as we are real actual people Jonathan Spencer of Boston says some applicants have been waiting for months to find out if they are approved and in the interim they're running out of money the regulations are affecting us personally it's making our business is unable to compete with these large corporations which you need to do is possibly lower the qualifications make it a little bit easier for smaller businesses to come into the space and operate the commission says it's committed to adding more licensing staff to speed up the review process given time the cliff WBZ Boston's newsradio six nineteen on a Friday morning and partly cloudy skies thirty five degrees this morning some sun a few clouds later on in the day high temperatures in some cities and towns could reach fifty later on today tying students to some profitable jobs in the tech industry it's part of a technical education reform plan from governor Charlie Baker he makes an appearance a greater Lawrence technical school to map it out Baker calls it the career technical initiative it seeks to team technical schools up with employers to push in Rome and both during the day and at night for don't you want to do something like get a certification Baker says the market demand is there the traditional school the chance to come over in the afternoons and double down on some of the more high demand programs and then make programs available at night the late afternoon and early evening for young adults and adults who want the same opportunity develop the skill game the credential and put it to work in Andover Keren regal WBZ Boston's newsradio this is pretty creepy using modern technology scientists now have a pretty good idea of what a mommy sounded like listen and scientists at the university of London used a three D. printer to copy the vocal tract of the mummy of an Egyptian priests to live three thousand years ago they were able to reproduce a single sound here it is and the kind of sounds like the priest is rather unimpressed with the whole thing and or if you could certainly wake up groggy after sleeping three thousand years maybe you'd have the same reaction and what can't yet the snooze button for another half a millennia or and where is my toothbrush and what's with the body size tourniquet trucks he returned ABC news just.

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