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Betty crocker you look at herb kelleher in southwest airlines right you look at howard chilton starbucks and my god you look at steve jobs and apple right and so i've always believed that at the end of it all people would much rather by person than they would accompany and so if you focus on a thirty marketing as opposed to just corporate marketing you can go whole lot further yeah i agree a hundred percent and it's again it's something that you can do yourself instead of having an industry recognized or whatever and to your point is the the flip side the caveat is that you have to deliver when you have to liver that's right so your stuff right so it may be very short termism thority if you're say you can claim you can do something cliff expertise and she can't liver for your customers so to me and you know you brought the whole thing about we raised to be humble it's it's really true but there's actually been maybe heard of this is there's been research done about fifteen years old at this point but it's still referred to quite a bit it's called the dunning kruger affect and business that is that as more experienced to become in a field is actually become more say humble but more reticent to talk about how good you are because you are more aware of the fact that you have so much more to learn and where today with internet would so he's get a megaphone and you don't know anything is opposite under that is the people who don't know much are less concerned or less the fact they don't know so much because they've had some success and they think they know everything there is to know and so it's it's funny how yeah experts people need to be prodded to be boastful about.

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