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Valerie in Glen Ellyn Illinois you're welcome back it's great to have you here with us hello total rush yards in order to speak to you thank you I'm calling also about the shutdown of the economy he met political report was very disappointed to hear today but if you said Cuomo extended it for two more weeks now the wait wait wait wait wait wait wait one political report was very disappointing to hear today the one that you said that the businessmen that trump had a call with the with the Wall Street guy got trump call awhile yeah yeah the wall Streeters that one that's not real they said shut down until people are afraid of getting it anymore that's not gonna happen right there's never going to happen so now the Connecticut governor also extended the a lockdown until may twenty ninth I'm sure the governor of right wonderful state will be the next one to extend it I live in the great state of Illinois and I'm just wondering how long will people put up with dish hello she before she left on her hello shorten trump's do not open the economy and yes we know now she doesn't have the full authority to do sell so I'm just wondering before people rise up as they did in Michigan is this going to well they're they're they're they're they're starting to got a story here out of Kentucky Republican lawmakers in Kentucky swept aside the democratic governor's veto of a bill to require people to show a government issued photo ID in order to vote there's all kinds of things where people are are revolting against Democrat governors Montana Montana county demands people where government issued arm bands that do business and this is been shot down get this what might be one of the most over the top responses to the corona virus shot Montana valley county is mandating people where government issued arm bands in order to buying things in stores the measure was enforced by the valley county health department insists the store owners keep customers out unless they have the pink armbands which denotes the customer's been in the area more than fourteen days and submitted to quarantine it's been lifted people sent their help with this so what's going your news starts now a new sunny and hot hi Mel Lewis going to run the Senate is expected to announce a task force to help reopen the state's economy we have the latest on that story coming up first let's get a check on traffic from Rio Grande of the W. Y. O. D. twenty four hour traffic center in the little Havana and.

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