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Every PP that we had we were standing up to the hospitals you know whether with Glover weather was masked they told me I could open tomorrow as long as you can so long as you can properly sterilized I don't have the supplies for the nor can I order because my understanding is the FBI basically intercepted her stepping any type of PP big order so we have to restock those things in the press and be prepared for that still at the school in a D. I'm telling my trainers okay but get in line so we can start getting the supplies so when they do give us the opportunity to open up we're ready to go well that makes sense yeah in your writing credit check the great in helping us with that in it so we're going to be ready to again we hope for the best but we're going to prepare for the worst and and that's just the way we got to move forward and that's three weeks at a time for me to look at anything beyond three weeks from now would be a waste of anybody's time makes perfect sense I appreciate we appreciate your time and that's why I knew you'd be good to talk to about this because it's realities got a good talking to you I'd rather keep that family sees got Kaufman thanks for joining us the average rector at Lakota west high school in there you have and will continue right after we get a check on news here it's Campbell adventure how to make a little money for and I think we got a basically got a windfall common talked about next time she's well on the show it's going to be right yeah Gabler figure we can rally check news radio seven hundred WLW Cincinnati traffic and weather radio seven hundred W. L. Cincinnati nearly three quarters of last week's new coronavirus cases coming from nursing homes this is the eleven o'clock reporter rob carpenter breaking down Ohio officials saying.

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