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On five in Seattle around I 90 North five. Also struggling just a bit. Rate around the two Komodo Mar. Next report is that 1 54 I'm Kevin Smith. Couple traffic. Your co Moh forecast pretty typical afternoon around western Washington in December. We have the grace guys out there showers or tapering off upper forties and lower fifties today keep a gray overnight police Cloudy out there you won't see the great awfully dark and then on through Monday and Tuesday It will be cloudy on Monday, mostly dry for most of the day before showers show up late in the come with senator turns on companies stay connected. Stay informed The Northwest's on Lee 24 hour News station Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 Approval of a covert 19 vaccine is close, say experts, while others are pending. A B C's Uni Han has more the FDA is meeting this Thursday could mean a green light for fighters. Vaccine, according to Doctor Is she Shaw, Tina Brown University's public School of Health. But John also telling Good Morning America, There are some concerns about vaccinating his Children right away. I expect my kids to get vaccinated the issue simply Is that we haven't tested Is there not enough Visor has started testing a vaccine on kids, 12 years and older and Madonna says it will follow suit. The goal to have a vaccine ready before school starts and fall of 2021 U. De Haan, ABC News Some big developments on the coronavirus front this week. Infections airway up, But a vaccine we're told, is on its way. However, it's not here yet. ABC is Sherry Preston reports. We are in a humanitarian crisis with this pandemic after John Brown Steen, an epidemiologist and ABC News Medical contributor, as cases continue to surge across the country, so two hospitalizations And death in a 24 hour period.

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