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By talk. This had did it. Come a bad then tests. Was it a me contacting you and saying. Hey you wanna do this or no. It was a fan ben center sending in and Yeah just a mess with you. Guys won't with the short one because it would be it would be absolutely nuts just to have a mere on for that. You guys are absolutely right about that. Four we move on. Let's your thoughts on if you guys were going to get it right. Wow that was probably my best voice work to date. Did you think you sold enough. Do you think the guys are gonna get this one correct. I think they. I think they'll get it correct because it just feels so again. It feels like something nobody could have made up. It's just three lines in one guttural. Scream why would we come up with this shit. I'm jealous we should have. We didn't they'll no it's real. I know it but we have that much faith in you. you guys. Are that creative. That i would expect the two of you especially amir and to write that it's short. It's so weird that we would think it's fake what ultimately did jesus. Yeah but but also i'm lazy so it's a lot easier not to come up with them. It's a lot easier just out. There could all be real guys. We have to be perfect. Yeah all right. So you're wanted to through three. Here comes number four and we get a mere for one would have been super weird. Li pointed it out. You come on for one scream. This say what involves emirs favorite team. The lakers elegance visiting. La it's a national espn broadcast. I'll play pash. Amir will play. Mark jackson who calls out another broadcaster. Who isn't there that night. Let's welcome back our guest. Thanks for sticking around mir. you'll get at least two words in this winter actual words in this one. I'll take it thank you. I offer only. But i appreciate being considered and i think we'll do well all right here. We go third foul on zion williamson mantra herald showing his strength finishing through the contact of zion. That's not easy. Can you do me a favor when you talk to. Jeff dan gundy. I was in my third dream last night. Sleeping comfortably at four. Am this do texts me. Are you kidding me at four. Am he puts me in a group. Text what what what are we doing. I got work. Can i ask what the text was in regard to. Here's james for three no good. It was a group text with mike breen involved. Basically recognizing a youtube video about mike and his bang calls and his legendary calls. We understand this greatness but not at four. Am mr van. Gundy was six am for jeff. But you're right. What's he doing up six looking at youtube videos of mike. Breen and mike. Well obviously responded right away. Well jesus.

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