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And i think that's what's really important for me for me. Formula one is a very emotional Racing series. I mean mode. Sport in general is a very emotive historical sports. So i guess that would be taken away to me. So i think that's why people are getting quite passionate about it and as you say vessel is so supremely caught up in the history of the one which is a really lovely things to watch when you're watching a modern day driver. So yeah. I think that's why people are quite upset about it. Alex your take on statistics. Coming out the caveat. That's that's caveat is another word where our audience are required to take a drink in the drinking game. Should we add the caveat. That the fifa mealy ratifies pole position and is the fastest driver on in the qualifying session. He sets it absolutely absolutely. I think yeah. I think it's just gonna seems to me that so easy to create another category for another little star. I mean formula one. Is this high tech sport. That's all about these little bits of information and data and just changing it for soulless reasons of where with its whatever we could have two penalty apply. I think he's the person from the great doesn't really feel right. I mean you think that michael schumacher at monarchy in two thousand twelve. He's wrong he's not credited with that position because of his great penalty. Fantastic driving to the mercedes which is not the dominant call and that point on pogo ramonica. Say it was. Yeah he just leaves a bad taste in the mouth if we sort of turned out for further down the the finishing order or the starting order of tomorrow. Obviously we've we've covered maxwell snapping and lewis hamilton. Shall we consider the tragic case of voluntary bodies. Asu krisztian horn fetched out his wooden spoon. During the channel four broadcast furiously started stirring the pot by saying mercedes thrown valerie under the bus by making him start on soft tyres which i could be wrong but that turned out to be a load of didn't it basically it was absolute nonsense. I did think when i saw what i starting the soft is just not like him. Is he actually upset. But no it wasn't. It wasn't a particularly outrageous decision. Because i think there is. I think the race tomorrow is going to be a one stop are and will be medium too hard but the other tentative offset oaten trashy. You'll be actually start on the soft and you would do probably around about seventeen laps anyway. So it's not. It wasn't an outrageous. Move if anything it was. It was a sensible move to get. The call is behind the red bull ahead. And i think it's kind of something. Do we tend to see red bull split strategies more And that's i guess maybe it's a point of where we're at in the season in the constructors mercedes trying everything to try and take it to marxist happen and so yeah i think i was similar. Dissimilar take of like really solves all. This could go wrong but at the same time we saw. How well that worked for fernando alonso and how well that worked for kimmy ryan and kate. It's a completely different battle that bad taking than than the having at the front of the of the pack. But it's it's just again to me looking back on it it was. I mean he still finished pay three so no love lost that like that's that's fine and It is again. I took it as mercedes trying defying an alternate stress. Chief full one of that drivers which is something that maybe we didn't see as much off when they were so dominant so we know that and correct me. If i'm wrong. Alex because you all the The sector person analysis person usually for practice in all that when. You're doing your Reports to me that maybe the mercedes with doing more sprint race relations on friday. They seem to be quite nervous. Or maybe not maybe nervous the wrong take. Maybe that's my kind of take a from a subjective point of view but they really wanted to try this right. They really wants to succeed. So i don't see that as a i think that's just a classic christian horner playing mind games. I think i think they were surprised to end up ahead of happening qualifying decision. I actually it was particularly. Fbi which was a maybe about completely meaningless in terms of almost no point to although i disagree mattress lap and he's he's come out with that and said well we shouldn't if we're going to do this spring qualifying format which give out with fda. And i think actually there's a lot of people who've paid money one guy around the tracks. Don't take that away from them just because you can't change the folks out of the car. I think you can still learn something about anything. Let's face it. But yeah i think i think yeah. Mercedes surprised to be head. They know their updates of help them a lot. And just yeah. I think they would just just trauma they couldn't sprint race and we'll see how not pay somebody tomorrow. I think we'll we'll we'll circle back to the the wider area shape of of the grand prix weekend. A little bit later. Be before we move onto that. Shall we consider the curious case of george russell having having gone through the rest of the top ten. We've we've we've covered charles leclerc. Should it be now with color sites arguably but not didn't happen. Nice a net one move forward philandering norris daniel ricard great right by fernando alonso also pretty under the radar good rice by sebastian battle but then george obviously had that. Pardon my Coughing it's not catching. It's an old one eight sort of had a slightly slightly clumsy opening opening-lap than some of the veterans did now. Is this part of the craft. That george needs to develop. Because we've we've looked starts in the passer. I don't want to be one of these people size. Oh i you know just just terrible house always goes backwards of the stop. You know just a captive outta that drivers do develop. It is an aspect of his craft. He needs to work. I'd say there's there's two elements to it one. Yes he does. We know needs to improve but also he struggles a lot because the williams car the package itself struggles went running in two thousand stretching the witnesses very very sensitive and also. We know that georgia's talks about something that he himself admits improve on is getting the walmart blah time preparation completely right because i think he feels a little bit hit and miss they know the procedures. It's just sometimes it just doesn't come off quite as well as it could it williams you know we saw a in In i think in france in the french grand prix was particularly talking about the. That's why fell backwards and danny has amazing race from there so i mean it's a little bit of yeah. He doesn't need to get better at certain things involving the star and the first lap but also. He's not helped by his car because he didn't have a problem on the first lap of the secure break the you straight into the lead lowestoft batas pretty well for one of the needs for starts but then i also saying bought us. Defense by mercedes has a little bit of a starting difficulty which we saw with lewis. Hamilton's day because he's come out and said oh my dog on the clutch. He thinks he's a perfectly good star. But there's something about that mercedes system of long suspected this. That's just a little bit. Not quite good just comes down to these time. Margins doesn't adjust that it's.

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