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The fives from the wjr weather center of an inch of snow yesterday maybe another two tenths today with scattered snow showers and flurries this morning partly to mostly cloudy breezy and cold the safter noon thirty nine degrees cleared later tonight twentynine suburbs colder from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich newstalk seven sixty wjr and at eight forty six we're still at thirty one degrees thirty one degrees with light snow and just general yucky conditions top new artists some of the i guess the billboard music awards they're coming out with who's nominated cardi b one day someone will explain to me the cardi b phenomenon i've only i don't think i've ever seen or heard her sing i've seen her on shows late night shows and she makes funny noises and obviously she's doing well she's in there for the awards the things that we've covered today and ben a lot a lot of it has had to do with the weather and the power outages i kind of hoped we'd get a trevor lower quick fix here but we're running out of time they found out they had about four hundred thousand people without power not to three hundred thousand which is what they originally thought and then the weather has turned a bad again and continues to be bad so those poor workers out there think of them be careful watch out for them and certainly as we've said time and time again any down wires stay very far away from them and anything they might be touching and keep all your loved ones and pets and everybody away from them and trevor lower dt energy electric president says they're not going to get everybody done by the end of today which is what they were hoping for yesterday but as quickly as they can including getting the schools backup because they don't want kids to keep missing schools they were in in just an hour they went from one hundred forty five thousand to one hundred thirty eight thousand that was at six sixteen this morning so i i'm gonna guess that the the numbers have been they've been knocking 'em out pretty good so far not only did we have the celebration of our winner if you will in this boston marathon we had a celebration of much lower attention and that is a michigan based team of combat injured and.

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