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Hey everyone, this is Trish. I've got a new store with some of my favorite freedom inspired merch all designed by me. Check it out at Trish Regan dot store today. You can look stylish while supporting the values of capitalism, freedom. And the American Dream. It's all online today for you at Trish Regan dot store again Trish TRI SH Regan R EGA and dot store. Get your Trish Regan march exclusively at the Trish Regan store today, Trish Regan dot store. The recession predictions keep coming. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon the latest out with his version of what is about to come, but could it be even worse? The CEO of legacy precious metals tells me absolutely. It's 2008 again. We have homes that are about to be foreclosed on. We have banks that are going to be in a position where they need to start to take in those assets. Today, in this special episode of the Trish Regan show sponsored by legacy precious metals we sit down with Charles thornburg and importantly, all of you to discuss what's coming, how to prepare and how to invest hello everyone. Welcome to a very special edition of the Trish Regan show. I am here with Charles thornburg, the CEO of legacy precious metals. And for those of you who signed up, by the way, this was all free. I encourage you to go to my website, Trish Intel dot com because I will send you the next invitation. All you have to do is RSVP and you have the chance to be on this show with Charles and myself just send an email saying you want to participate. Go to Trish Intel dot com. Anyway, I sat down with Charles, and of course all of you, and we started discussing what was really the challenge right now..

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