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All black people black right or all africans are blood like having all black people in america are considered black they don't know your nigerian went from africa ivory coast or lease black right because you want wanna know why we hold on a i had a recipes recipes hong sort of thing is the reason i love being called black question what country and have i know i can't identify where i'm from right i can't do that okay well why am i called a color nobody else's called a colin nobody else is defined as a color that's why i love being called black because we encompass every color in the spectrum one hundred percent i get everything is the absence of color no well here's the thing though if you take every single colour in the spectrum and put it together what are you gonna make black it makes black you take every single that is absence of coke because exit out so it's not white but you think is but how is it created though how's that absence because you take out white it in the words of white you take out life i had to do beauty of it like we inc they're only only a black woman can make a by a child of any reins of color in dark skinned beautiful i've seen it and that's what i think is beautiful and that's when i left my love pm can look man you're gonna call me you're gonna call me by my dad is last night call me hey that boy l read puerto rico i just think it's you know it i don't wanna even say it's like a knowledge because they know they know they one hundred years rasmin like stop explaining some of them actually enjoyment from our pain they to put us all hispanic people into the mexican box which i love my mexican brothers and sisters yes i have plenty of rathers and sisters cousins that i i have grown up with mexican people in my life and i love them they are just like us shut out to my homeboy de low with evolution tattoos where my primo el salvador listen they are all but at the end of the day you know we are all people of color all people indigenous a agent i love that word is just not black we are all native of a particular place whether it was well here's the thing in america whiteness is supreme to everybody's indigenous culture they whiteness is the is the default they made that they knew that people of color if you go from western hemisphere to eastern hemisphere everybody is color which ola ola calls right here we had ninety minutes already so let's go get to the rich let's wrap sit up so shutout to mortis the safety tortoise aka mitch mcconnell he got rance move about of a restaurant by some people playing fight the power you cannot be team jenny originated why did they run him out of the restaurant though it hurt his heels it was like it was like holy water for the devil i'm trying to buy right when i when i go home to next year we'll go watch do.

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