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Cause big problems while you may be in no rush to get back into the dentist chair cemetery county supervisor David Canepa says many of his constituents are especially the elderly are calling me in pain they complain that they can't see their dentist as it is right now only emergency procedures are taking place but Dr Sam Corey who works in a dental practice in Daly city says many patients are waiting to carry out other important procedures as well facials for missing teeth and plans right now we have so many patients waiting just to get the implants restore Canada is calling on the state to draw up a plan to get dentist back in business as soon as possible in a statement the California department of public health did not provide a reason as to why dental procedures were not included in the governor's announcement this past week but did say that the state is continually evaluating how best resume elective procedures keep Menconi KCBS with news this week of a another nearly four and a half million Americans filing for unemployment many are wondering what to do if they find themselves jobless Morgan Stanley financial advisor George the chatty says if you find yourself suddenly without a job the first thing you should do is get online and apply immediately but try not to panic he says the jobs are expected to come back sooner rather than later the quickest is relative but we think that a majority of these jobs will come back and with a six month nine month period of time with others coming in later on new Chevy also suggest talking to your bank if you're having trouble paying your mortgage as they're more understanding during a pandemic case CBS news time at two twelve again again Jan update on the NFL draft and how the Niners did coming up next with Steve Baker are you efficient at wasting money well that's exactly what you're doing by installing a new furnace or air conditioner if your addicts not properly insulated you need to check out eagle shield high performance insulation you see he rises eighty percent of your home's heat escapes through the ceiling whether it's twenty or a hundred ten degrees outside eagle shield will keep you comfortable inside by reflecting ninety percent of the heat back in during the winter and just as important creates a barrier that he cannot penetrate in the summer eagle shield keeps you comfortable.

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