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We just a little test. Quiz boyer and emily on the quiz. I'm going to give paul. Lauren madison here in a minute. On pain of san diego's remind me now to tell you don't remind them how it went in here. I liked it. I liked to test you. Emily and boyer like my test audience before. Paul paul paul paul paul lauren and mattie or mark or whoever's working on this particular day before they hear the quiz i like to test it out on. Emily and bore. Monday has a lot of explaining what happens during the commercial commercial break. Well you just made that now. Okay from now on this one. But this one's coming out. This hour of the dnc is brought to you by petra. Stone san diego's choice for builders and interior designers. One of a kind natural stone slabs including marble granite quartzite natural quartz and italian porcelain slabs. We are petrous bone on nancy ridge road and petra stone. Llc dot com. Here's the chase. I'll do doing sports on. Kgb morning and thank you david and hello ever got am the sports world so low tators by grisham and machado were enough to beat the rangers to zip yesterday and complete a three game sweep. Actually just gresham's was enough. The padres are now seven and three just to game back of the dodgers and finally in their fifty second season. The padres became the last team and all of ice pool to record a no hitter that it was grossly high school's own joe. Musk grove on friday night. And as usual i was there with the broadcast call along with my sidekick buck bicep hall of famer gel mice. Grove is one out away from a can't mention. The guy has a no hitter. Go laura oh you mean like all the other times we were one out away and didn't mention it how that workout new rule like. It's going to happen anyway. He's get a blow at like every other time chris. Young was to outs some way. Andy benes got close and the ashby. Adam eaton clay kirby some guy named steve arlin for cripe say how many times we had to go through there. So liberty denied. Hurry up and get a double off the wall last grab and bring out the closer so we can finally get outta hair. Room service at. The hotel closes at eleven pm buzzkill. You're allergic. i is the pitch with two strikes in two outs. In the bottom of the ninth of another close but no cigar hayes cooking back to honor the occasion. The padres up commissioned a mural of buchan me her must grove at grossman high to honor leno hitter. Kind of the padres are in pittsburgh to die first pitch three thirty five our time you darvish show the who that key. Matsuyama became the first japanese golfer to win a major of any kind yesterday surviving a four-stroke lead shrinkage on the back nine to when his green jacket by a stroke and i'm gonna play the sound of his final to putt on eighteen for our english listening audience. Cup your right ear. And you'll hear it in the left channel and for our japanese listeners. Out there cup your left ear so you can hear the right channel but you gotta make sure you don't have your headphones on backwards. If you're listening bad way this up brains to first security. Thank you for that author nice. Here's another japanese story. Organizers of this summer tokyo olympics have announced they have reserved a three hundred room hotel to accommodate athletes who come down with covid nineteen which sounds kind of ominous but then again there have been ambulances parked on football fields for decades and barf buckets line around our building for boyer naked lap. So i guess people pretty much know what they're in for with these kind of things. It's always better to be prepared. Beverly necessary meanwhile in shut all my pregnant friend called me today. She's like emily. Take them and had my baby at home. yeah. I think. I'm going to have a home. Birth that is a disgusting way to lose your security deposit. That is a very difficult thing to explain. Just like a delivery not digiorno. Mom's pretty awesome. She's amazing for my birthday this year. She got me. These really expensive crystal wine glasses. I was like mom. I don't drink wine from glasses. Wine comes in its own glass. Box association lakers will show a ted a nickel tank. Levy still out with that. High ankle. sprain. J. in other sports statement not the question the integrity of the dean of american sportscasters or the hall of famer advice up. But were they at the game for that no hitter. He didn't strike them out. I can't speak for them. You can't speak for you. i don't understand that's an out of body experience. I'm calling baseball because it seems to me. Anyway it was a groundout. There was a ground to short run. You called it as a strike access but not the question. Anything i can speak to that. Senator i have no recollection. One five kgb fm sports network on tv. We go next you as i recall in madison for the famous san diego dc.

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