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Dot com slash veterans Day 9 38 traffic and weather on the age Jo Conway and the W. T O Be Traffic center. We'll start off in Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, the crashes south bounds near or just beyond. Powder Mill Road fire rescue rolling upon seeing you. Initially, reporters possibly overturned They have a least one lane blocked, if not more on the capital. Beltway prints are out of resources into Montgomery, the works on the adult after New Hampshire Avenue you're getting by its staying to the right. Most of our delays of these bits of brief slowdown and use caution through the ongoing road work. Their New Hampshire avenue at last look in the traffic cameras is still shut down, south bound. The crash occurred south of that at Crest Haven, and the documentation is continuing. Along 50 westbound at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The westbound span is closed. Two way traffic on the eastbound span is because of roadwork on the I 95 trip through the harbour tunnel not available available right now, the harbor tunnel shut down both ways because of a crash and ongoing clean of detours are in place. Virginia 3 95 North, bound between King Street and the Pentagon. The works on blocking the left lane. Easy Pass Things run north on 95 on 3 95 district, 95 North bound the Rams to lower 14th Street and the 12 Street Expressway is still blood for the traffic control as part of the ongoing street closures that are still in place downtown around Pennsylvania Avenue Constitution Avenue, also near the White House, as well. A surrounding streets. We heard that 16th Street was still closed both North and south, bound between Scott Street and the White House. Also, if you're on 3 95 south ramp to Main Avenue remains set down as well. We're about to buy window nation thanking you for sticking by them this year with free windows by two windows Get to free a house of windows installed for as low as $2 a day visit winter nation dot com. I'm Jo Conway w T o p traffic and Let's check in with Samara Theodor Storm team for My Friends Tonight is going to be really quiet. Temperatures are falling into them into upper forties. We are.

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