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The secret is kraft oil the super find liquid shortening when you use graft oil is no tedious cutting in no guessing as to when the mixture is right crafts explosive super finding process makes kraft oil a lighter body doyle it blends quickly and completely throughout the dole there are dry spots without sharpening to make pastry with craft oil sift together two cups of flour in one teaspoon saw next measure r one halfcup of craft oil and add five tablespoons of ice water beat where the four control cream me and poor immediately over the entire surface of the flower toss in mix with a fork and then formed the dough into a ball divided in half roll out between wax paper and your trust is ready for the pan believe me craft oil pastry is bound to get you compliments drop a card to the kraft kitchens for the printed recipe the address kraft foods company chicago ninety illinois graf kitchens kraft foods company chicago ninety illinois and tomorrow get a bottle of craft oil the most wonderful oil ever created for baking frying and salad dressings lighter body raft oil let's get back to the great gildersleeve last night he was on his way to the library for a literary evening with this title when he decided to stop by leila's for a minute give me we didn't even get karzai got their leroy but when i did it was closed character and this morning it's a puzzle miss tuttle who makes our way to pv pharmacy good morning to pay any normal what can i do for you this morning i just want to get since stance ryan snap machine for the time being but i have a few in the case register the speedy would you a care for the two 3's or would you like step up into something a little more expensive electric sank as aqam male stance please narra the air have have an airplane on him he's you twelve and sixteen thank you we were just missed the mission of guilders vein uh he will gingrich empty then he didn't pack is devil bag and go to see the two guilders lee was supposed to be at the library last night but he failed to show up or he told me rent the evening with the with iran you do it through will be on which done hello except for.

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