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Something needs to be done and and really again like if you are anybody in this house. Apart from perhaps elissa maybe you know could elissa beat christian in the final two if he wins like a billion competitions. I don't know yeah but even then like you really starting to stretch it like you really. You know if. You're because. I think the tiffany wants to weaponize christian and i really like that plan for her especially but she really has to rely on the cookout for jury votes. If that happens because like you if you're gonna to weaponize christian you have to. You have to be able to reconcile the fact that there is a very good chance. That you know your best case scenario becomes. I'm sitting next to him in the end. Because i can do because i can't get rid of him and if that means that she still wins because she has five cookout votes in the jury at least. That's great. does she have five cook votes for sure not necessarily but she should at least have like three right like three for shore probably four at least And that's that's a good numbers just needs a couple more like claire would be great and then boom. She's she beats christian even if he wins fifteen competitions. So so that's not a bad. That's not a bad like one of the many paths that she has for her in the butt for everybody else pretty much. No get outta here absolutely no. It makes no sense. Like i want to understand the charm that christian has for everyone after winning veto during his h week. These are his first win. Like you've already you already broke down. He wizard veto. And now why am person or you would think most people are not talking about the fact that they need to target him there. Oh it's all. Oh i can't i me. I can't go after christian and like you said it does make sense for tiffany. Okay because he's gonna use her advantage but aasa hannah what what's your hesitation when the teams are over it's like okay. Yes there is going to be a point that the royal flush is done which means you can go ahead and call it a wrap for the kings because that means that someone from the kings is probably gone next week. It's like you have to realize he told someone earlier are he told someone at some point. During the day already promised christian. I'd do amazing race with him. Yeah amazing race is going to reach out to you and christian. 'cause y'all dynamic relationship on so i'm sorry. No yeah they need to get this man out. And i feel like if they don't in the next couple of weeks they're going to look back and be like man. We should have got him out when we got the chance. Because there's an he can kill it back to back to back is as long as he's playing. Yeah and i'm going to give. I'm going to give. I think maybe maybe triple credit. Here i'll i'll give partial credit to tiffany because tiffany has basically been dictating. The house targets for the last three weeks. And if she doesn't want christian now she's now you also have to give some credit to a little bit of credit to eliza list has been doing a good job of reaching out to other people. She's making separate final fours. She's making that plan happen She's making sure that relationships that christian is not up on our our good with at least her and that That you know look. People are losing the incentive to target them both because of some of the work that she's doing and major credit to christian because Christian as he said to elissa plays up how you know how you know puppy dog he is and i think that's genuinely him but i think he recognizes that that's genuinely him and he knows how to play it and And he has a lot of people convinced a lot of the women specifically that they can control him. Elissa certainly thinks so. Tiffany thinks so and tiffany might be right. Listen might be right. They're both probably to a degree. But then also people who can't like hannah and and all although to be fair handed did a good job on him the other day so maybe to a smaller degree hannah but even people like britney think control christian wants to listen gone i can control christian and And this is part of why they feel like taking the list out is a good thing because then it can be wielded. But only one person can wield him and and i don't think they recognize how many people think that they can wheel them exactly and like on the props to christian for sure. I think that there's i think there's something about christian that we're not quite seeing yet because we're mostly seeing him on the feeds and relaxing and show me it up because like he already mentioned he he was going to be on big brother. He was in consideration for love island and then yesterday i brought up that three years ago. He made the finals for survivor. Like as i guess three years ago it been like david versus goliath. Go silent so it's like i. I couldn't see him. Being david and goliath. Yeah with his personality and especially like a twenty year old christian. I'm just picturing like like him. Playing with Dominic and exactly. Yeah but yeah. You did a great wine christian yesterday like it was spot on. I don't know all the time he does. he's just woken up..

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