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Kyle Korver hits a jump shot on the inbound play in Utah leads it by fifteen points here. Jamal Murray has it across the dime line for Denver Murray bounce pass over the wheel part and guarded by Royston. Neil throws it over to Millsaps free throw line extended Millsaps behind him to Murray for three that one's off the right side. No, good rebound down to Gobert. Quick outlive. Passed a corporate a deep three got it. Oh, goodness. Thirty feet eighteen point lead for Utah. Utah's. Rub. It in talk to Denver to just take joe-marie jumped past behind him over to Millsap Millsap dips the shoulder gets down the lane. Layup is up in. And the nuggets you down by sixteen sixty nine to fifty three Crowder has it across the timeline dribble. Handoff over to Korver over stops. Back behind him crowd. Crowder. He'll take a jumper. That one's a little good rebound tap by Yokich and grab by will Barton. Barton has across the timeline for three. That was good. Sixty nine to fifty six nine hundred within thirteen. Here comes Donovan Mitchell gin picked up by will Barton at the half court circle. Mitchell has it across the timeline. He gets a slip pick from Crowder. Mitchell gets another slip pick from Gobert puts it on the floor. Throws it left side over the corporal, take a three that was good. We're going to review that right now, they gave him a three pointer. It's seventy two to fifty six and one way to keep a shooter from scoring. Don't don't try to put a hand doesn't bother shoot. Barton. Throws it over Yokich yoga Chan's off behind him to Beasley Beasley back over to children puts it on the floor against Gobert. He gets fouled. Oh my goodness. Pain. That's a purse. That's I've got some personal gets you. Call right there. That was a reach him by go bear. Joker put his arm up. But the region is there a Caiphus Jerrell. Oh my goodness. There you go. These were f- suck chant has come to Pepsi center. Mitchell has it on the high left side got it out there by will Barton. Mitchell. Couple of dribbles here gets a pick from Gobert who slipped picked up the dribble throws left side, catching Warburg. I'm sorry. It's Grayson Allen leans in. Don't get any travel. Call a foul. Afoul whistle against Denver, again, came FitzGerald again. I thought he got fouled. He threw the ball up in the air got some caught tiger head fake got to cut defender up but came down if you come down before the contact. It's a travel. Free-throw number one by Grayson Allen is no good. You'll have one.

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