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But i think there's a lot to be said about kind of safety of that but aside from that though. I think it's very valid that. Aws helps to even out the playing field of where people like me without twenty thousand dollars just throw at breeding. Something can't start at a couple of dollars a month and start building now instead of having to save up for buying a server or renting an office space and stuff like that you can really as like one person or a very small startup or someone thinking about wanting to create something they can just go sign up and start and i think that's what i love most about a lot of the cloud computing platforms. So tell me about some of the most popular acronyms buzzwords that people might encounter in. Aws world you mentioned s. three which is simple storage at. What are some other names. Mother word that people might come across and be confused by. I think one of the most popular words is scaling. It's very versatile you can use it for anything which also means it has a lot of meanings but if you don't what it is trying to signify or what that situation is. i think. it's very confusing. When someone says something is scaling scalable is going to scale. It could mean like you are building something growing something in a way. That's sustainable at scalable. Is this scalable could be a question of hey. Is this really something that outside of this little town of ten. Who happens to want specific thing. Estes gonna work out. You know it's just has a lot of different ways of using it and a lot of different meanings depending on the context. So i think that's a great word to learn and define people use that a lot Good won the horse. Services like e c two server virtual servers with virtual server. What does that mean. So a virtual server could actually exist in your actual servers that you have in your server room server in a server interesting yes so You know when. I was like in high school or college. People that want to buy mac book and a windows computer so they will call a hack and tosh I heard of that. Yeah yeah and i think a hack and tosh as you have a mac book but then they put a windows. They installed a windows virtual machine. In mac bucks he can write both at the same time So i had a couple friends who had these hack and tasha is and it's not that you know you put in a microsoft bit and mac bit in your computer and now there are two computers living in your one laptop but that you put up virtual machine into their so virtual servers or virtual machines except us of computer servers War jeez one for in cloud computing. That would be your actual server uses. Spend one up really quickly and you'll be able to spin one. Up is also probably jargon that people use it just missed to make one right one created or at one. Yeah start one You create these virtual servers so that a lot of people do for testing and sometimes you don't you only need temporarily so you would create these virtual machines. it's not worth buying a whole server for physical server. Like oh way. I wanna test out and i once they're done they just kill it and it's fine because it's virtual server you're not committing to it you're not committing to it but if you had bought off physical server now you have this couple thousand dollar equipment laying around which is kind of a waste. So that's one of the huge pros of cloud computing as you can just make one kilowatt expand. It changed specifications for your new needs. That obviously will keep on changing as you develop your product and as a regular person. I saved as someone who's not like hey cloud computing is so cool. I'm going to do this all my free time. People rents virtual machines and irtual servers for playing video games when they don't have like a gaming computer so they're borrowing these compute resources. The computer's ability to run really intensive games. But they're doing it online so that they don't have to purchase of really expensive computer themselves. This like a lot of different ways abusing it even for people who are not salivating over cloud computing. Yeah because i. I'm gonna assume that for most people. It's probably more of a means to an and then you know something that they do for fun of its application. It's also is it fair to say that it's primarily used in an enterprise setting or you know you mentioned kind of personal gaming as one application of something you might do just for yourself but is the biggest use case enterprise or you know. Is it popular at startups or smaller companies too. So i don't know the statistics. But i think it would be both as i was saying earlier at the start up and small businesses. The alert is that you don't need that much. Start up cash which is very helpful but enterprise would obviously be using volume. They'll be using a lot more one company. So both situations i think are very valid. I guess if the companies are big and places like aws have all the big brand names that we've heard of you know even apple is using gcp was it. They were saying fifty percent injuries and message or something. Those places would obviously be using. You know so much more per company than any snow. So i guess by volume. It might be that. Enterprise is using majority of their resources. Yeah yeah so you mentioned that you know before..

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