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Almost as bad as the Bobby Ewing then when it when it was all a dream yeah yeah we used yeah but it was all a dream give us our they were the worst to doing that hooking it through the whole summer and then get you there let me down but I was so glad to see glorious body and even though I was like so that at the time Bobbi every time I saw him on that show all I could think of was a man from Atlantis you remember that it was a really bad yeah he was like aqua man any had these little wings on his feet there was just every time I saw that show I would go all wise a man from Atlantis there and then when you get that that was be let down but the who shot J. R. you talk about just keeping people great for an entire summer we we were talking about is in the five o'clock hour people in my family will gather around the TV to watch that yeah it was it was before DVRs and VCRs and all that that was what it was appointment viewing but you had to sit through the end yeah that theme song yeah and then shortly after that it was the next year or the year after that Miami Vice came on United then why laws to that show now I watch it now go god what a piece of crap that was but you saw those pink tee shirts white lasers you know to barely shave yeah I was double yeah good times good times by WOAI news director Jim foresight joins us at seven ten his first commentary of the morning but here's Rush Limbaugh daily com Jerry brought you by doors guns California is boring cutting.

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