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Know i tell you as you know november ten visit important day my leftist it when he started if my dad to be in the studio with his he'd be probably a lot laggard exist what's that was in the head in a different war but you know i'm telling you this is a interesting thing and of course our special guest on our are a hot seat line right now uh scott using the had no idea the ladies calling into a military therapies calling into a marine th it's oats several iran all of that stuff and aloha to our our guest authored this morning a major scott houston corn good morning a serb how are you well eh aloha interparty you bike i did not know that judges like the great be a part of the family it's been amazing network is let me tell you i didn't tapped him to mc eighty thousand events for the marine services he found out i was born on november the tents and if that signed my father was a pilot and we i was born in the mojave mojave desert marieclaire station which is long gone that was that generation you're you're from a different generation first of all i and blown away by the book i got a copy of it a couple of weeks ago and i'm thinking i've never seen anybody go through the experience you had and then rodney them into a book it is pretty unique i think yeah you and thank you for the complemented uh really was my honour and privilege to write the story and he honor the air back of prices of not only the money soldiers fought for it the families that the forty deaths while we thought and they'll continue scored they mike are amazing gold star families than uh i think it is it is very different is not just another war story because in two thousand people it's about the stealing and about the emotion about everything that went through both on and off the battlefield so you know so your two and a half decade uh a marine.

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