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Not be too harsh on the the grand details of Austrian design which I have dedicated a little bit of space to one of the interesting things about Australian design. Is this just inherent love for detail for quality and you know those chairs that you were talking about the net. Chaz that's still in production today. They've been in production for maybe two hundred or so years. People are still buying them. There is something that can be said to that. But also you know. There is a whole new world of contemporary Austrian design that we dug into our grand Austrian design tour. And as I look through these pages they look very fetching lovely mix of short stories of illustration that. You've really gone into the details. Their stories about typography `grats their stories about the manufacturing sector about making tractors and things of that nature which are bit less obvious late known on the world stage about hoster. What was some of the stories that kind of stuck out for you? Yeah I think just going back to what I was saying before attention to detail. Kind of marks everything. That's don in Australia. They really really care. About every little component of design so that could be like you say in the manufacturing where we looked at vehicle design so we have an amazing tractor by a company called Linda. Here who basically you know deal with very fussy to rolling farmers who want the very best looking tractors for this lips to impress rivals across the field but also super functional as well so this thing is not going to break down like no matter how deep the snow is when they're doing the winter work and then they're lighter elements to with regards to vehicles so another great example is this device called Ziesel which is a wheelchair that goes off road to takes disabled people wherever they want to go on the slopes and a nice bit branding their on the name Ziesel. I'm not sure what it means in Germany but it sounds like a bit of Fun Nippon. Z's left I needed to think it means Squirrel Australian type of girl but yet great name. Oh I love that. You've done amazing thing here which I really liked. I suppose the Austrian diaspora the modernists who were integral to designing the California of the fifties sixties and seventies with thinking about Richard Notre. A little known fact the mole was invented by an Australian guy. Could Victor Gruen. Do you think the Austrian designers beyond Australia. I know there's a lot of manufacturing home. We care about that. But do you think Austrian designers played a role on the world stage? A little bit as well. Yeah I love this piece. That one of our journalist Andrew Romano wrote forest where he really goes into this impact. Those modernists that you were talking about Hatton California residential design across the states which went on to inform the amazing modernist houses. You'd see as far away as the Gold Coast in Australia. But I think today perhaps not so much in the architecture certainly in the world of graphic design. The Austrians really are ahead of the pack and a lot of ways but it tends to be Austrians that go abroad Australia. Using the the knowledge and the practical way of design that they've lead at home and take it into far flung corners of the globe. And and really push it so Steph Elsag maestas a really good example of that someone you know who learned his craft in Austria moved to New York went onto establish one of the most important graphic design companies in the world and their names continuing to do that but on the home front and I think this is kind of interesting as well looking at what separates that designers in Australia. A lot of them really pick up on the grandeur. The beautiful inglorious old past old glamour of Australia really is them. You're a big fan of Vienna. I know like when you walking around these coffee shops. You really almost feel like you're stepping back in time. And for people like Verena penholder. Who's a Vienna based graphic designer direction? Expert that we profiled. She really feels that in her work. She really can just take inspiration from the old building. The old signs and then I guess because you know you're so open to international clients these days she's able to translate that into a really strong global body of work absolutely and just to Andrew. Romano piece actually lives in annoyed tra- house so he would know he saw town. Amazing modernist birth to live in as well for people that maybe aren't familiar with Austria. One of the reasons that we decided to approach editorially was we feel like there's a space in the world for positive stories and one of the things that really sticks out. The I think the world can learn from Australia is about keeping crafter home. Savannah is the biggest landlord in Europe and it allows people to run a business close to where they live in affordable price and actually make things and as. I flicked through your designed directory. It could be beautiful old silver. That's been made in the same place for one hundred years in the sixth or seventh district could be accompanied like cow. Model that makes lighting spur. Roszke did a piece of advertising in the issue but we're also obviously a fan of them. How important do you think? Croft is to the Austrian story overseas in the UK of sold all that to The Far East but they've managed to hold onto a bit in Europe. I haven't yeah. I think it's incredibly important. It really does mark everything that they do that in terms of design and particularly industrial design. And I'd like to point out a story about a lovely lady and design curator called elite Story Liechtenstein who? I've had quite a lot to do with in the last few years because she's always at every single you know important. International Design of 'em whether that's designed Miami or Milan Design Week and she really champions Australian Kroft through the Lens of young designers all around the world. She invites these young talents from Miami or Mellon to come and take pot at residency that she hosts in her Schloss Josh. I think you'd be for this. You get to spend two weeks there. Go around this incredible old. Cosso filled with the most beautiful furniture and furnishings. Take inspiration from it and then channel it into a new project often working with artisans and makers in that part of Rural Austria near Grottes so I mean as an experience is absolutely incredible. It really speaks to this idea of maintaining this strong relationship with Croft Mowlam's sold. I'm waiting for my invite just looking elsewhere in the issue. I mean we have interviews with Lily Line. Who is the head of Vienna Design Week? Her brother Max Jalan important curator in New York just showing that kind of Austrian connection around the world. There's also a lovely story that equity could have sat in the design sanction but ended up in culture about the R F if. I'm saying that correctly Austrian Broadcasting Radio House but I'm GonNa bring things a little bit closer to home for my final question. Roland is well known in the design. Press that you've just moved house. You're furnishing a lovely new home. Here in London. Did any Austrian buys. Make it onto the longlist. You know they don't need to be sitting on the coffee table just yet but have you got your eyes on anything that would be not massively unaffordable rare one of peace from the early twentieth century. But just a bit approachable Austrian designed to honest to might want to indulge in. Well I was a little bit cheeky. When I reported this design section I went to Vienna and hung out with a couple of guys who I think absolutely incredible what they do is they buy old villas and old mid-century buildings in parts of Rural Austria and convert them into incredible new hotels and stayaways and have really attracted the crowd from Vienna to head to these places and they furnish these villas once called Villa Antoinette. The other one's called hotel firm Blake with fines. Mainly from this one market which I was so keynes's check out that I had to write a whole story about so myself and Michael. Who's one half of the developing? These hotels went down to Nash. Mocked in the middle of Vienna on a freezing cold morning and just spent the morning bogging and buying pieces. He bought most of the pieces. He has a bit more money May and put them all together and made a beautiful story in photo. Shoot out of that so that was a cheeky for me. I also worked with the photographer. Who Shot with that to do a story later in the issue about cakes which is very exciting and why the little a tourist mainstay and have survived from the. Habsburg days but the photographer told me a very cold on the national. He's got some good portrait view. Bundled up in a nice fleece jacket. My sincere thanks..

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