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This is balance of power on Bloomberg Television and Radio. I'm David West in the 19 member Independent Facebook Review panel issued his decision on the banning of President Trump today upholding decision, at least for the time being welcome. Now Bloomberg senior executive editor for Global Technology, Brad Stone, who is the author of the brand New book, Amazon Unbound, Jeff Jesus, and the Invention of a global empire, just really coming out next week. Welcome, Brad first. Well, congratulations on the book will come back to that. But first, let's talk about this Facebook. Decision. What did this panel decided? What didn't decide? Well, I mean, they decided that Donald Trump should should continue to not be on Facebook, at least for the next six months. But David, I think the best way to think about this decision is as a hot potato. Nobody wants to hold it on. Do you know Mark Zuckerberg created this Independent review board? He kind of calls it a Supreme Court to review big content decisions and When Facebook suspended President Trump in January after the thief insurrection on Capitol Hill. They kicked that decision to the review board. The review board said that Facebook made the right decision but then found some flaws. It said that an indefinite suspension was inappropriate and the kind of big penalty was inconsistent with Facebook's principle. So the hot potato now goes. Active Facebook, and they have to figure out in six months. Does Donald Trump stay off the platform? Or is he able to rejoin? Yeah, and President Trump couldn't put his response on Facebook. But he did have response in which she says a total disgrace and embarrassment is trying to destroy and decimate our electoral process as a private matter if they did adopt standards who would enforce them? Right. And the question of standards is a good one, because I think in the past, Mark Zuckerberg has basically said, You know, political leaders are are important. Their views need to be heard. And they should be treated by and large like any other user. If not, you know their words being seen as sort of Maurin important right to propagate. And what the advisory board The Independent board is saying here is that no you need you need special standards for political leaders, particularly if they're inciting violence and could lead lead the personal harm. And so it's kicked it back to Facebook and basically said, You have to go develop those new standards. If Facebook does develop them if they if they hold political little leaders like Trump to a higher standard that will be up to Facebook itself to to enforce those bread. We have to get your book here. I've gotten to read the piece on the Bloomberg, which is accepted from the book as I understand it, and it's about Jeff Bezos and part of the lease is about Jeff bases squaring off with the National Enquirer, which you normally don't want to do. But would you say in the end that Jeff basis one Yeah, absolutely. And David just for a little bit of context. I was working on this book for about a year when this this tabloid story hits, so as you can imagine, it was a little bit of a right turn. But the way in which he, you know He implied some political motives really covered it and in a fog of ambiguity implied a connection to the government to Saudi Arabia. I mean, my my reading of it, and the deep reporting on it was that it really wasn't that it was, you know, the case of Ah family member selling the information to the Enquirer, but in the public imagination, at least basis did come out ahead. He's well beyond that. Now he's retired from Amazon and Preparing to move on to this larger world. It's passing short wraps himself in the First Amendment and then vindicating Selene journalist Thanks so much. I really recommend this book. It's Bloomberg's Brad Stone, and he is the author of the forthcoming book. Amazon Unbound. Coming Up the Balance of Power continues on Bloomberg Radio. In our second hour, we'll talk about the Facebook decision with an early Facebook investor and mark second book critic. He is Roger McNamee. This is bouncing power on Bloomberg Television.

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