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These two enjoying life support Coster Lovett, mom. We are up for two Arias. I know this is amazing. I know I didn't get to go. I don't either. His really don't know. Whether it's Jesse tell listeners. Yeah, I'm pregnant, and so what to do than present a pulled cost about food and get pre slop mills every week for the next ten weeks. Mum. We've gone back and forth on this menu for months, Darlene. We kind of imagine this. If you done for this man, mom, I in the bait. Now, you've been the what if he'd been dulling the you'll pro has done everything. Thank god. He was off. I'm I'm Ashton scenario back. Yeah. He's to put bit dish. That looks presented. You know? I like to call myself, the kind of Ruben vest. I check you know, you certainly do come. I ask you are we going to serve it on a plate. But before she sits down. Now, I think not desperate like Honey we've food. No don't mean. Like that will play it up as if we're in a restaurant, right? Whatever. Mom, I I think Niger. Gonna mind. Can you take us through the drama of the coca bangs? Right. So I I hate the cocoa beans in spring restaurant, which we love which is one of my very favorite restaurants have been three times this year already. Some house, and it's just I tasted cocoa beans, which would delicious it'll Brown beans. I thought these were fabulous. What did they come with lamb? So I thought it repurpose to have with mom, I've has been support. Right. So I couldn't find them on the internet, so rang spring, restaurant and awesome. Where do they get cocoa beans from this from Natori, and the lady couldn't have been more helpful because she even told me how she to cook them. And so I ordered them hitting them up yesterday along with the rainbow chart in the Salerio back. Yeah. And then brought an said, oh, this is orcas are white not Brown. She'll go Brown when you them. But they didn't go Brom that just white. They look like haricot beans, but only the best one I Gela only the best seven pounds of beans and they've not gone Brown. And we eighty said to cut up the rainbow charge storks, and they look. Horrendous. I can't serve those can just serve a bit of the leaf not the rain boasts the storks. You cannot the stool she gone. Cure. Then we couldn't source blackberries because nobody else had them not even from MS MS. Joe Damase love him. I love him on a dummy run. And he's made to spend all day on it. Be swayed not having. Komi swayed him stay he doesn't want to. It's a bit like one Jay Raina was on. He said he didn't want to meet his idols. He does want to meet my gelato. He's to watch not jello on TV all her programs. You know, this like almost a whole station devoted deny Gela. Do you know who else is very keen on all the Greeks? I really they'll watch my genuine grief, she super famous. I think she's famous everywhere. Yeah..

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