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He went to miami which is actually good and i leave a friend sage rosenfels might be jewish but if you're josh rosen would you wanna go to miami now do you is there a team as team in boca you want to go to miami twenty one year old kid in south beach is awesome not because they're jus they're gonna stevens says from what i'm hearing he's of the jewish persuasion first way's yeah for what's persuasion i don't know what that means is that religion is separate i think keyshawn johnson also said while he's hearing the josh rosen want i sources i talked to somebody last text with somebody last night and said look i'm going to answer this question don't yell at me when i ask you this just josh rosen wanna go to new york because of the jewish community and then i got an emoji with somebody laughing with tears coming out of there as i don't know if that's a guess or no there but josh rosen again so baker mayfield junior the third may end up with a as a patriot how high do they have to go up to get him that's what i would want to know and i do think i don't think buffalo's done i think buffalo wants to move up a little bit higher and i do think that they want josh allen but if the browns really in the browns have played this correctly the the browns of not let you know sam darnold coming in you know even josh rosen josh allen what are they going to do at that number one spot and the giants have done a pretty good job as well the jets moving up you know the jets wanted to get a quarterback it feels like they're gonna take whatever's leftover they're mclovin why they move up that if they didn't have a guy in mind that's that's jetson.

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