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North of route 32 Dave tilde wt traffic Thanks Dave We'll talk to you soon Let's head on over to storm team fours Matt Ritter Matt there's this major storm hitting part of the country What can we expect in the next couple of days In the short term we'll still get the mild weather We'll get the wet weather all the periods of rain that we've been getting We'll get more showers and drizzle this evening and we're gonna deal with some of that fog too in the short term especially out towards the colder waters at the Chesapeake Bay as Dave has been mentioning We'll see more and more steady soaking rain return overnight tonight and temperatures aren't going to fall tonight They're going to keep rising slowly into the low 50s and into the mid 50s just after midnight then they'll start falling again into the upper 40s Pretty close to where we are right now by the start of the morning rush After that the strong Arctic cold front that's been affecting a lot of the country will be moving through our area and the rest of the day on Friday The temperatures will be falling from the 40s into the 30s We do have a winter weather advisory that will be starting for far northern Maryland at 8 o'clock in the morning It goes all the way until 4 o'clock in the afternoon Not a strongly worded as a winter storm warning But some of this rain is going to end as a brief wintry mix up along I 70 and all the way up towards the Pennsylvania line during the afternoon The rest of us I think the precipitation will end with some drier air before the coldest of the air moves into our area but it will Those temperatures will keep falling tomorrow into the teens and 20s Friday night and first thing Saturday morning What does that mean Well it means all this standing water all these puddles that are left over are going to start freezing solid by Saturday morning And we could be dealing with a serious icing Blustery and very cold the rest of the day on Saturday highs will only be in the mid 20s to near 30 52 right now in camp springs 48 and warrenton and 50 even at Washington Regan national All right thanks so much Matt Ritter it is 5 21 here.

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