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All right here we are coming up in this half hour I got to push that balloon button Is it your first day It is and you have to push the blue button to get sound coming through and Tom king taught me that If anybody come here we're going to talk a little energy see what's going on with the build back better plan Plus CJ fellini managing partner at no yak capital and CEO of gateway garage partners and talk about real estate investment supply chain thin tech all the good stories for 2022 But first let's go to great care to Bloomberg news and see if he pushes his button on I'll get a bloomer business flash Well she mines clear and it turns green It's the red button that I favor because when the Red Buttons on that means I don't have to talk But the S&P is weaker right now the sell off in tech is extending It extended to Asia as a matter of fact earlier but mostly spared Europe the stocks Europe 600 index traded near a record while the gauge of Chinese names listed in Hong Kong Felder 6 year low maybe because they're cutting off flights from everywhere just about Tencent was also under pressure after pairing its tech investments with Beijing's regulatory crackdown S&P is down two 10% down 7 the Dow is up two tenths of a percent of 69 and the NASDAQ is down 9 tenths percent at a 133 to ten years down 8 30 seconds the other 1.67% West Texas intermediate crude is up 1.6% at 78 21 or barrel comics gold is up one half of 1% at 8 23 20 an ounce The valiant one 1594 the Euro dollar of £1327 a dollar 35 66 A source is telling us that Toronto dominion bank is the latest financial institution looking to tap the red hot U.S. corporate bond market as companies look to borrow before yields rise further The lender is selling bonds in as many as 5 parts A source tells us the longest portion of the offering a ten year security may yield between .95% and 1% above treasuries That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continues now Taylor Riggs and Wall Street All right.

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