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I'm Dave Packard and intense search is underway in Indonesia after a Boeing airliner appears to have crashed something at a news conference. Indonesian authorities giving an update on the missing Boeing 7 37 500. The plane appeared to drop about 10,000 ft shortly after takeoff and then disappeared from radar. In Jakarta Crisis Center is now set up for families. 62 people were on board the plane climbing to 10,900 ft, dropping to 250 Ft and then disappearing. The 7 37 526 years old, Previously flying for Continental and United in the U. S. Alex Stone, ABC News members of Congress determined to move forward after the deadly riot, the U. S capital, New York congressman Hakeem Jeffries tradition is who attacked the capital. Wanted to stop. Members of Congress from doing our job. They failed House members looking to fast track a second impeachment of President Trump for inciting the insurrection. Meanwhile, a nationwide hunt for the rioters Jacob Chen's Lee was allegedly seen in photographs dressed in horns, a bear skin headdress and face paint while carrying a spear. The Arizona man was taken into custody and charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct. Adam Johnson of Florida was charged with illegally entering restricted grounds and theft since he was allegedly seen carrying a lectern. The office of the Speaker of the House. Derrick Evans, a newly elected state legislator from West Virginia, was charged with unlawful entry after he recorded himself shouting We're in! We're in! Derrick Evans is in the capital. Aaron Carter SKI ABC News As covert numbers continue to spike in California Funeral morgues in L. A using refrigerated containers to help with the covert crush throughout California and the country. No signs of the pandemic slowing down just yesterday, nearly 300,000 new cases nationwide vaccinations cannot come soon enough. Nationwide leaders frustrated ABC Serene Shaw and you're listening to ABC News. I worry about lots of things my finances. My cran kids. If you're 65 or older,.

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