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At so you can take us with you wherever you go W L, A Cumulus station. News news at two I'm Heather Curtis. Investigators are digging through the rubble of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed minutes after taking often the opium this morning. All one hundred fifty seven people on board died the victims were from thirty five countries, including eight from America. Those countries are working to identify the dead. The US State Department says it will contact the victims families directly correspondent David McKenzie says they don't get know what caused the Boeing seven thirty seven to crash, very worrying, of course. Because this is this brand new plane, and it could be coincidental but worth worth pointing out that this was the same type of plane that went down the line aircrash late last year in Indonesia, also, a brand new Boeing seven three seven back crash killed one hundred eighty nine people many fear North Korea is preparing to build a rocket after a satellite picture showed increased tactic. Activity at a North Korean long range rockets site national security adviser, John Bolton was asked. What he thought the activity meant on ABC's this week? There's a lot of activity all the time in North Korea. But I'm not gonna speculate on what that particular commercial satellite picture shows. But he says the US government is constantly keeping an eye on North Korea. He added the president would be pretty disappointed if Kim Jong Woon went ahead and did something like that. After he promised not to at a summit in Vietnam. President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, certainly didn't get the book thrown at him when he was sentenced last week on Bank and tax fraud charges. He'll spend four years in prison instead of the twenty call four by sentencing guidelines, Senator John Kennedy reacts surprised the sentence. I thought big number two as I said in the past Mr. Manafort is after. He used to be a partner with with Roger stone. He's he's just asleep. He's always played at the margins. Kennedy speaking on CBS face the nation. One person is dead after a house fire on Brookhaven drive in McLean yesterday afternoon, the person's identity, it's not being released. An autopsy will be done to figure out how the person died. It's that time of year again to change the clocks and though smoke alarm batteries. They are gonna be changing the batteries we recommend at least every six months, and we use the daylight savings because that's the time that everybody remembers Christopher brothers with Prince William fire. Unlike Virginia, Maryland has a law requiring all homes to have alarms with ten year lithium batteries. It is one we do suggest. So that way you're not having to change the battery every six months, we still do recommend.

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