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Slash spine surgery. 6 18 traffic and weather on the aide Steve Dresner in the traffic center tells me there's some stuff going on here. Tyson's We are very busy on the capital Beltway, Sarah on the inner loop up big time struggle coming down from the Tysons Corner area. We're backed up now, well beyond the tall road almost to the area of 66. We do have a pair of crashes along the inner loop. The first went in the area of the exit for the G W. Parkway, alas, for port Two lanes air getting by on the American Legion bridge on the inner loop through our traffic cameras, the repositioning the crash vehicles. Currently it's two to the right getting you buy again with extensive delays. Once you're over the bridge does open up nicely in a Montgomery County now staying In Virginia on the South bound side of I 95 Now crash were crash activity being reported the South bound ramp to go to Dale City. The right side is blocked for the crash, and we are backed up on that South bound side. It does remain slow from Lord and over the Coke Wani after Dale City. It does open up nicely all the way down to the Fredericksburg area now over on the North bound side near 1 23. Earlier crash activity has been cleared, but the Delhi's remain very slow. Roughly over the Occoquan through Lauren. The North bound trip gets better just before this Springfield interchange into the district kind of slow, inbound 14th Street bridge with heavier volume now on the Southwest Freeway approaching the 12 Street Expressway. Aunt. Last report. Traffic stop for ongoing police activity caller tells his traffic was diverted onto 12 Street D C to 95 in decent shape in both directions. No incidents being reported on I 2 95 in Maryland. The delays on the capital Beltway Montgomery County and her loop coming off of the ramp from south bound 95 jammed up heading west on 4 95. Once you passed New Hampshire Avenue. It opens up nicely all the way to the Bethesda area and a pretty good trip in both directions on the Capitol Building in Maryland, over in Prince George's County, Steve Prisoner W T O p. Traffic Thank you, Steven out a storm team for meteorologists. Samara Theodore. Overnight lows falling into the mid to upper forties. We are mostly cloudy tonight. Tomorrow highs in the mid to upper fifties,.

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