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As airforce will go on the power play its second of the game five fifty seven left second period two zero CC face off is down in the Tigers and so here we go on the USA a power play the project Hey some of sees him force needs to get something going here they've got the man advantage down two goals were late in the second period haven't done much on their previous power play opportunities I got a chance here they've got to start from two hundred feet away and the tankers penalty kill digs in they get a take away and Jackson Ross will go ahead and send it in an airforce retreat retrieve and try again deep in his own end cook leads him out only as far as center ice the puck goes right back in from there cook to try again Brandon cook will send it in wraps around behind the Vernon the goaltender for Colorado College and then away from the park was therefore still on the power play for another forty six seconds that penalty on slave and when he took down rhyme back in the corner another face off will come.

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