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Beverly mocking Gila. Play to the near side looking for me, she Galina. Alina tried to play through two defenders to Zach Sandy's Andy dribbling towards the end line plays across in El Paso first to get there, They'll cleared out the 18. And then the switchbacks win the ball back. Here's me, she Galina plays it up for Haji buried just out of his reach. Think that was a shot from Galina just sliced across it a little bit, almost turned into a perfect pass to Haji Barry. He was just not able to poke it towards goal, but better there from the switchbacks. It was a brilliant ball in initially from Zach Sandy, well cleared. By the El Paso locomotive, but the switchbacks doing a good job, turning the screw, putting on some pressure to end the first half. So Logan Ketterer will place this ball at the top of the six. We'll see how much additional time we will get. It's been a pretty quick moving first half a couple stoppages. For players. Getting hurt. But other than that fast pace and the end action down in El Paso, a long pass from Ketterer goes out in front of the El Paso bench, and now the switchbacks will get a throwing. There's Mahoney to the near side for Anderson. The midfield line for Echavarria Back to Anderson. Alhaji Berry plays it out wide. Long crossing going far side. Bert gets submarined as he tried to get the header on it. And they're going to immediately call for the training staff. Lot going on. And that Michy Galina sent a long pass in Burt elevated. And was submarine by the El Paso player. He was trying to jump over and now we'll have a couple of things happen. First of all, we'll have an injury stoppage brought to you by center, a health But as that play was happening in Jordan, Bert standing up, he's Says he's good. We have been informed. There are two additional minutes, two minutes. Of Tiktok shop stoppage time. It was a real heavy fall for Jordan, Bert Andrew Peters, the switchbacks trainer out to attend to the pistachio Jordan Burt, who As a quizzical conversation with the referee before making his way off before being allowed back on. Me and good on the official there. Um, not being overly intimidated by the moustache of Jordan. Burt the look that he gave him with the stash in the eyes. Pierce is a man's soul. So we'll have a restart. Here is the referee picks up the ball and then drops it. For Logan Ketterer. Pushes it just outside his box, looking deep downfield. And that's exactly where he will go. All ends up just before the 18 yard box headed by switchbacks. Now El Paso takes control of it. They'll retreat just a bed as the switchbacks pressure. We'll see what adjustments are made to the time here with Jordan Birds. Fall happening right as stoppage time was announced. Here's Gomez plays it out to the near side. And good defending on the cross, thereby Sebastian Anderson. It does stay in play. Anderson draped All over Herrera here, Herrera plays it back towards the middle of the field. Nearly taken away. El Paso, still within our overlapping run cross comes in market Villa first one on the scene, and he will gather and clear it, but not out of danger quite yet. El Paso. Now with it. On the near side and a quick little back. Heel is El Paso brings in the boxes set up taken away by the switchbacks and they'll send it down towards midfield. Headed by O Passo as the first half draws to a conclusion Long pass into the box headed by El Paso. But then Sean Melvin able to come down with it, he'll quickly pun it downfield. Looking for me. She Galina, who gets ahead on it. Haji buried chasing after Huma beats him to It plays it back to Ketterer and Ketterer desperately plays it out on the far side as Haji Barry was bearing down on him. And Huma, not the best apologize from Yuma. That one had hearts and mouths for just a moment as he had Logan caterers like helter skelter, sprinting back towards his own goal, looking to clear that one Well, we have come to the end of the first half of play a goal in the 12th minute off the corner kick by McCauley King is the difference. One nil El Paso up on Colorado Springs switchbacks FC, When we come back, we'll tell you How we got to the one goal lead, and what else happened in the first half is the halftime show comes your way. Next on extra sports 1300. Introducing dogfish head, kid and cocktails made with ingredients sourced from Earth and oven. These Ken cocktails are scratch made using blissfully inefficient recipes, overactive imaginations and a process of interfering and letting b r three styles include strawberry and.

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