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WHO's don't run it through me run through somebody else cream Abdul? Jabbar was Dan Sixty two when he retired he still wanted him magic Johnson Isiah Thomas Larry Bird with no back are several back injuries. Joe Nemeth came out to the La Rams on two bad knees and he was. I've never seen greatness now. I've seen it snatched. I've seen the blonde go to Miami and say wait. I'm sorry it's the only way we can win but handing it over. That's not what the all time I'm great stand and look. That's why wouldn't Ross was constructed as is and then I heard that he was the point guard and then net quickly. I mean they they say do not let that out. I was like Oh that's a different play for this team. It makes no sense when you hear that and you see this you're like how do I reconcile. The two Lebron Lebron is saying basically I got a young guy and I'm high Nissim plain sight. I'm hiding behind a twenty six year old and you don't understand that was going on is last last year was a disaster despite Lebron's great numbers disaster and reception so now he's like received me differently. I am not the the king even on I'm trying to get the Lakers back to where they work is not going to be all on me. We going to share this responsibility because it would happen. It was just like he brought the analogy with the quarterback back and you're mentioning that no star player has just given up the reigns the Bron James is still going to be primary ball handwrite so it's still going to go through him. He's still going to be going through but he has the one that beat the initiate the office through so he's still very much in charge is just a big boy. I get a a lot of work done. I think is just in terms of perception. I it's the pursuit he's going to control the ball but he's created the perception that everything's everything's running through. Ad Lebron set and if you can just show I started thinking about more than you think koby ever turned it over to anybody Tom. Tom Brady's forty to turn it over to know about Michael Jordan this is I don't WanNa say as bad as it would be like Michael Jordan going to the wizards. We're going to run this. Do Kwame Brown Gardai just like what if you roll pass. The baton allowed me ourselves to speak and this segment is a bus who is GONNA fall on the blame is going to be placed on who you Lebron the primary distributor so he's still going to get his share blame. If the Lakers do falter that's that's true but that's true but man Lebron..

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