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To wit busy a questionable boudreau yeah he became kind of like a cult cult hit after hbo show where the other barbecue sauce all over his face and then you know he wouldn't wash and then he couldn't win an anaheim now he can't win the minnesota by this week and i think i mean would have paid they wanna big to nothing gamache shy fli wicked you say stud second and third goes to the playoffs he he's probably gonna be this weekend and had a third bottle wine watching himself on slapshot for the eighty fifth time play for the highest boards present hyannis port residents because i don't think he's going to lose with i think if they lose first round he's gone i don't know why don't think so because they had a pretty successful season and the fact that they lost suitor before the playoffs start and then they lost reason during the round wanted to talk about that parisi man fucking guy starting out dude he he battled so long to get back from that back surgery didn't skate for like two hundred days or something like that finally gets back not only does he get back the first three games he looked like zach parisi who superstars accuracy and he was dominating down low he's a presence in front of the net he's two nations on the park he's got he's got some superstar superstar grinder in them like i call sit all the time aparicio's got some of that then to see him actually take a hit and break his sternum and now he's out six to eight months i actually felt sick to my stomach form because that's sucks to work that hard to get back and then to not only get back but to be back at the top of your game and helping your team win a huge game at home to get back in a series to get that news which by the way was that not broken by barstool jordi i that was the first ice art.

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