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Dan Layer Pine top Perkins one of the greatest blues and Boogie. Woogie ever who insolence everybody anybody somebody waters and everybody else so I I am. Blessed in that I got hands on training from some of the people who invented the music. Not Second third generation down the line from I. I got it right from check. Perry right from John Johnson. It'd be like a classical piano blurred getting lessons from Beethoven Bach. Yeah you know I was. I want curious on your viewpoint in this because you were talking about how the I guess. The media has a big effect on. Like you know how we see things these days and there were two situations that like thought about in the past one was when. I went to Nigeria. Because my family's from there when I was sixteen years old now when I went there I was playing soccer out. You know just playing soccer and kids and a lot of the younger kids they were saying like there is Sunday and all this and they're like so. Are you a blood? You a crib. And they were trying to talk like the random Nigerian kids. These are Nigeria. Yes yes hawk liked the rappers that you see on TV here because they're like they're asking me. If I was a blood or chrome like a modern gang and and I was just like okay. Were these kids getting this from and then another situation happened when I was a little bit older In a pass relationship of mine and the the father of the person I was dating wasn't from the United States he was he wasn't from. It wasn't even that here for that long of a time and after a three met me. He's like everything about insieme other than the fact that he's black now. When I thought about that too that had me I thought a little bit about Nigeria. I'm like the sky probably hasn't had that. Many interactions with people or African Americans. He has it but he's probably seen a lot of stuff on TV and he thinks worse certain way. So you know it's like the the you know when we go back to what you're saying of. How can you hate me even if you don't know me you can? It's also what's portrayed of us through through through what people see us as what they think of us on TV. Yes absolutely you know and I'll tell you something many you're right on it again I I've been jeopardy Lagos. And like I said I lived in Africa for ten years different other than idiopathic Ghana Guinea and Senegal and visited many countries in between And when I was a kid you know over there lead the African kids. They're always wanted imitate Americans and that's not a common thing you know. It goes back to the grass greener on the other side. You know what what kind of perfume to American Women Want French. Perfume well guess. What Frenchwoman was American purview If you will with with your girlfriend or whatever you want over a bottle of wide you want some French wine they want. American wide grass could win on the other side and and we try to identify with things that that we that we look up to Over here black-americans are our history was stripped away from us through slavery. Even our names You know And so even our culture and we had to assimilate and so will we get our freedom. There are a lot of us who want to try to identify with with with with something from our past that was taken away and oftentimes we. We don't get accurate information You have done something that many black people have not done. You went to Africa. Most Black Americans have never been and you saw things that they have not seen When I would come back as a kid and and my little classmates would find out other than Africa. Just bedrooms masterpiece. They asked me you see Tarzan not only white kids that too. Yeah because of the media right and so over here we want identify. Because we don't have we don't have roots. We want to make up our roots in active and tobacco central and a lot of times. We things around way You know the hairstyle but afro that used to be big back in the late sixties. Guess what that did not come from Africa that was invented right here in the United States. Even a lot of laugh people think the the the celebration. Kwanza and his African. It's not nope okay. It's not it was invented in California Byron Miranda Okay. He is pulling together different traditions. That are somewhat acrid centric CETERA. Give something to identify with but if not African so there are a lot of misinformation that the media puts out and then you know clam people tell me. I should be grateful of forbidding here even if I was a slave because if I hadn't come here after living a well obviously you know they haven't seen you know the cities in Africa. Africa is one big country. It's not it's one bit. Continent many countries and each country had many cultures. You know so. There is a lot that we're ignorant about ear all of us and and this is why why education is so important and why travel is so important otherwise would begin creating things that don't exist. And we perpetuate them they become a reality in our mom because you know once perspective is when reality and there and there is a saying. I've forgotten that. Who said it but something to be a set of the mass criminal. Gatien of a lot. I know more makes the truth in the mass disbelief of the truth. Makes it a lot? How do we have conversations with our kids about this? You know at the dinner. I doubt that these things will be really taught in school Because they they may have too much Controversy surrounding them. So how do we communicate with our children about racism? And how do we help them to Maybe not grow up like some of our ancestors how kids kids are our future and they love spending information. Mfl Kids do this. Absorbed at the dinner table is the perfect place because that s what conversations are solidified remembered and we should not be afraid to to be Not politically correct at the dinner table. I I personally believe political correctness. I've just been straight honest Political correctness shuts too many people down. You're afraid to talk with. You might offend somebody. I don't step on somebody's Whatever but it's our responsibility as parents to instill certain things in our kids if we want them to grow up and have the tools that they need to navigate society outside of school because school teachers certain things when when when I was in school I was not discriminated against. I read the same books as my white counterparts had the same teachers. I got roles in the school claims. You Know I. I thought I was just like anybody else. I didn't find out I was different until I graduate. And the people out there. Outside of school to differently I got turned down for job at the drugstore. You know I was told committed. Apply by one of my fellow classmates who said Hey. My boss was hiring people. You Know He. He wants me to bring my friends so I came in. Listen I know I'm being turned down and it wasn't that the job wasn't available we've got any black people you know So know it's like women for example women and it is again to prepare our daughters women. Today are still making a seventy nine to eighty one cents on a man's dollar for the same amount of work right. So how do you tell a woman in school do? Your best you know be is not good enough giving a as a work your butt off and hard and so these girls worked very hard and and maybe they've become class. Valedictorian ON GRADUATION. Day or something and then they get out there and just because of their gender. They don't get the job and some guy gets the job who who who may be less qualified than day than they are or or they get the job but the guys are getting the promotions at are getting paid more and they're thinking oil what could I go to Spoof. Work my butt off and this guy's not even as qualified as I am and he's getting promoted who des more money and I'm doing the work you know. How do you tell Black People Yet what worked as hard as you can But then when you graduate not gonNA matter equal with anyway. You know We we don't teach that in school but we have to teach kids that not. They should not work any less. We always WANNA strive to do our best whether you're a female black or whatever But we have to prepare our kids to realize that outside of school they may and most likely will be treated a little differently. How do you tell your daughter? She might undergo some kind of sexual Arizona on the job. I taught in high school all right so it comes as a shock to them is our responsibility as parents. It teach our kids bet which they don't learn who because we want them to be successful and be able to navigate society that's why Parents have was called the talk with their kids. And as you know we hear a lot about black black areas having the talk with their sons Why why can't have the talk with their kids also is different data talk though went win when black people we sort of the talk is what to do when you get pulled over by top. That's the talk that that black parents are referring to the talk that the white kids get is a has to do a sex education. You know. Don't come home pregnant. Use Use prophylactics. It's things like that. I don't want to be a grandmother at at eight. Thirty three or whatever So you know these are things that we may not be taught in school but it is. It is our responsibility to to make sure that our kids get a full three sixty education. Daryl Davis thank you so much for your time today. We really appreciate it. You gave us a lot of great information a lot of stuff to think about. Where can people find you and Also when is your when your New Book Going to come out on? Thank you for having me appreciate it. I'm still working on the new book. Hopefully he'll be completed by the end of this year. And come out it. Will it will be a sequel to the last. I'll have Some of the old stories a lot of updates on people where they are now and some new stuff because.

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