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I think jason bomba taken down. I think so too. I think there's more. Youthful kind of recklessness in that bond versus the connery and i used his spy. Work is one of the reasons why i think he takes jason bourne down where. I don't think we see as much of that secret service. I think he's more just kind of going through the motions in the film which is no lazenby full. It's all yeah. I think he would lose. I also think his brosnan would lose. I don't think daniel craig Lose okay you think dalton and craig would beat jason bourne. I think more and lazenby would lose. Yeah i mean okay. Timothy has that killer instinct is is like you totally. I can see it. He doesn't have the physical prowess you see of daniel craig bond. But i'll bet you if they had made those timothy dalton movies now he would have. It's just ninety nine thousand nine hundred seven film. That's not what they were focused on hugely in those in that era a lot of it is just like gunplay in movies right. That's what they were more focused on versus like. Yeah i would love to watch a roger moore versus jason bourne fight. I think it'd be low rolling around. And silly gags happens. Slide whistles he exactly that iran crocodiles try and get away and yeah ultimately it would be a quiet quick end. Okay yeah. unfortunately what about woody allen. David niven from the casino royale. Peter sellers or the fifteen other james bond movie. I don't. I honestly think. I could ever even try to answer. That question anyone's ever tried to answer that question. David niven versus jason bourne last. No yeah exactly. So i yeah i think that wraps up our bracket i mean were you shocked that bond one no. I thought we give them around from his money. And i also thought if palm got free he might give him a run for his money but ultimately. I think we've just seen so much of a back. Catalog of james bond of wages. No he basically deal with anything. Yeah so maybe ethan hunt just needs another twenty movies. And then we'll give him the prize or two black told. God help us drought. Triple triple-x xxx number. Say that's exactly what we need obama. Yes as you say is exactly new. But james bond is the man. He is alice by. And i think that brings us to an end so I wanna thank Become for having us. It's been great and you can of course find basically on social media spy hans as sby h- h a r d s and. We have new episodes every tuesday where we tackle the best and worst of spy films espy. Why h. a. r. d. s. Make sure you find us before we find you..

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