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No i mean it was something that we did every spring as soon as birches started to to really leaf out and you could see them on the tree my dad would drag out a six foot step ladder my brother and i would hold each side of it and he'd climb up the ladder with a bottle sprayer that he attached to the hose and needs spray it and when he was done spraying the birch theresa we wouldn't wouldn't all turned bubbly with the with the damage that the leaf miner did we the three of us had gone house and take a shower to get it off at us so this is a lot safer and it's a it's a fantastic product because you do it once a year yeah and you're you're talking about birch and that means this is the product that can be used on your paper birch for the leaf miner or for bronze birch born in the southern in the southern areas where the white birch has moved into the bronze birch boers serious problem but it takes care of it takes care of those pests just like it takes care of the adult on hemlock and then paul i know we'll we'll talk about this in the in the summertime for people who want to protect their other trees against emerald ash borer or asian longhorn beetle this product can be used on those pests but the timing is different than what we're talking about now now we're talking about leaf miner now we're talking about a delicate for those other pets we talked for a different timing of the year for the application ken you're just a mile of of of knowledge i know you've been doing this for a long time but you're wonderful join us and to educate might listeners and the property with new data products every year thank you fed the birds during the winter it's a lot of fun but don't waste your money on inexpensive bird food that will not attract those colorful birds and the song birds cheap seed contains filler like red milo cracked corn and white millet grapeseed if you want to attract morning dogs but.

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