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How do we find out turn how to connect in unify those podcasters? Have you thought about that at all? But now interest on the facebook, there are a number of. Different podcast groups. and. Initially. I did join them. It was mainly more to look for podcasts that I could be a guest on and it's actually through some of those connections that I've now reinvited them back onto my podcast because. I I'm very much type person who's pays it fall by I connected with someone on a podcast and story resonates with man is relevant to the kids I. Want a my podcast. But I think. The challenge is the podcasting. Again is is a microcosm of society and we get the good the bad nearly. as you know, ed from hit message I received. It it's it's challenging because. When we PODCAST, we want to share a message that is very important to us, and we want to try and make a difference. and. There are some awesome people out there that are doing good work and a very gibbon unforthcoming, and yet we have the others that very protective about podcast. In will promote themselves but they really won't. Do anything else to support other PODCASTS I always promote the podcast I always like I'm at home and I share on my pages because we're all in this together everyone has a message and we we just don't know who is listening at a given time that would or comment that someone makes will resonate with them and make a difference in their lives and that to me is the ultimate aim. It's to help them and to help make a difference, and sadly we don't see. We don't see that in society in with certain certainly will see that in podcast in as well because this is such. A unique group of people that podcast in. Yes it's all about the niche you know everybody has their individual ideas. and. I take a different approach to podcasting. I would talk to an individual on the streets or the president of the United States doesn't matter to me because I want to bridge that gap I want everybody to hear everybody's story, and that's unique to a lot of people they don't get that concept. And like you said earlier. Setting in listening sometimes as very hard to do. But. That's the key right there. Once we learn to listen to one another. Not, necessarily agree with each other but listening. That is when we can absorb truths in ways that we've never experienced. And I noticed you have a wide gamut of podcasters come on to your podcast. You've connected heavily with a lot of people and yet here we still have those. I call Ye hoops that are. Sending you messages sending you. Hateful verbiage. I find this. Just appalling, it's about the message to me. And that is. The importance of podcasting and especially what you're doing trying to change the lives of our young people. And the more we push that engage in educate. That's when we can start empowering. So Our. PODCASTING skills only get better. It's that challenge of keeping the podcast alive keeping it going no matter if it's a monologue or dialogue. and. The more you do it the more people open up to you. Social yes and I mean I I was very fortunate. The very the very first podcast that I. Did exceedingly well. In the numbers in because I post on Youtube facebook part being and then. I tunes and everyone else. You know all the different podcast directories Ho sites. And I was very surprised at the numbers we got, and then it kind of continued and fingers crossed. It's been doing really well it could be the it's the sign of the Times because with the Kobe nineteen and everyone is having to go into either lockdown all. Volunteer self-isolation maybe there's more opportunity for them to actually sit. Listen or watch. A podcast. I mean may be timing is everything sometimes. But I go back to what you said listening. Yeah. We I'm. I'm hoping the optimistic side me hopes that as we're in the midst of this chaos. that people will stop to listen more and hear the message and. become more educated. and. I don't know hopefully be be more open minded because I think one of the challenges that we're seeing. just out in the world, and especially as podcast does is people very rigid in thinking. and. Sydney got. To be cognizant of the fact that we all have opinions and just because I happen opinion does not mean it's the right one but we've we've seen to have gotten to take into consideration the. we make the world a better place if we actually listen to what each person has to say and. From back you know we can stop making plans an undisturbed and it. It helps us understand that not everyone is in the same shoes as you are i. Think we kind of we kind of. Forgotten about that and it's funny every time I I was on TV. And on podcast and talking about the work that I'm doing and saying and I kept saying the world will implode very very soon. I can feel it something. Is GonNa give never my wildest dreams did I think the change would be this pandemic? But it. It's like something had to give something had to happen to kind of get us to stop stop for one minute to pause. Breathe and think. Yes and that's interesting speaking of that. This pandemic, this covert. Thing that we are all experiencing together. I really think this might be a unification.

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