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Number Gears now and speak to Mark Tate criminal and family law Turney regarding lawsuits and, claims against MGM apparently not being held to any liability. As according to this little note. I have in the Las Vegas shooting and catastrophe, Mark thank you joining for joining us Yeah, it's my pleasure thank you for inviting me so on. What grounds is there zero liability Well first of all obviously this lawsuit is shocking when you first hear about it you, know how, on God's green earth can MGM be filing, a lawsuit against the survivors and others you know the horrific. Tragedy back in the mass shooting and it doesn't really. Make. A whole lot of, sense it I talk about that in a second shortly after September eleventh when we were very very concerned about encouraging the use of technology to fight terrorism the house and. Senate passed a Bill called. The support anti terrorism and services by by fostering effective technology act it's called the safety act and the safety act created a system by. Which the department of homeland, security would certify the services of companies. In, to deploy anti-terror. Tactics and in this particular. Instance MGM hired a company called? Contemporary service Corporation and. They had that certification from the department of homeland security and the safety act of two thousand two provides that, there is federal, jurisdiction, only and that the. Only person liable the only entity. Liable for acts that take place under their supervision if certified by homeland security is the company that, has hired, and not those who hired hired in this, case that was GM resorts and all the other people doing. MGM and they hired contemporary services corporation to provide security. To. The Las Vegas village, where the route ninety one harvest festival to place now that's what they're doing and it's a declaratory judgment action that is seeking to have the federal court declare that there, is a single cause of. Action by federal act and is a federal cause of action can only be heard in federal court so that's what they're asking the court. To do is determine that, that act and that act solely provide Is any. Provides any causes of action against MGM yeah so so that's the law and that's what they're asking the court to, determine however it's clearly an effort by NGOs him to stay out. Of state courts in the Bada they don't want that they don't want their cases to be against them to be heard in Nevada they don't wanna be subjected to the types of liability that Nevada State law may provide for the survivors and then the people who were killed there has been a. Publicly available evidence that calls, into question whether in fact the security at Mandalay bay was sufficient right the murderer in this case was able to carry in hundreds and hundreds of pounds and thousands of rounds of ammunition loading up baggage carts to the. Point where it's difficult to roll them and he's seen on video and there's a question now and many The officers and some of the reaction times of the people that were charged with security they've been questioned and so I think it's a public relations nightmare sure we're engine to foul, the lawsuit against survivors and their families It's just terrible Yeah I never told. Them to, I I mean I looked at the lawyers and I've. Read the, complaint you know, the the, complaints three. Hundred three hundred. Some odd paragraphs most of the pages of the complaint are listing the names and states of res- residents. Of the, survivors you know my thought was when this horrible thing went down that the best thing for MGM to do is to tear. Down Mandalay bay 'cause they'll tear down anything at the drop of ad in Vegas and build another one because the memories of it or so tragic and for any whose entire being its entire revenue source is about making people feel good and happy and welcome to then sue the people. Who were killed Because see one yeah I I it doesn't make any I was having. I was having trouble following the logic of the suit but again I I guess it's a just a wrinkle in the way the law is right or the way the contracting was set up right after September eleventh Marco hold that thought and answer we get back to the break okay Tell. Me after September eleventh of why that change. Things talking to Mark tape? He is of. Course a criminal defense and family lawyer regarding this suit by MGM it's. Very difficult to understand our number's eight hundred.

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