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Family history of colon cancer. Most insured patients pay $0. Ask your provider or an online prescriber if Cologuard is right for you. Or visit Cologuard dot com. I'm in. When the news breaks, here at here, first, it's the Mike hosking breakfast, with Bailey's real estate, this is news talks in the news. It's 6 30 and 10° in Christchurch counter. I'm clear show what. A monumental moment in history, Queen Elizabeth II state funeral will be held at 10 p.m. New Zealand time tonight. At 5 30 our time, the lying in state periods ends, and at 9 45, the coffin will be taken in procession on a gun carriage to Westminster Abbey. New Zealand here will reporter Ed and Pearce's in London where he says there's incredible anticipation that accompanied by a somber feeling. He says people have bursts into tears as they see the coffin in person, and it's been very surprising to hear from people how confronting its being. Meanwhile, naita who lead at Tiffany o'regan will be one of those representing the Al Maori and the queen's funeral tonight. He has huge respect for the light monarch. Your majesty was a vibrant and keen into the well read and well informed about our own evolution within New Zealand King Charles of the same ill. Also today, closer to home, another fire has broken out set another scrap metal yard in the Christchurch suburb of woolston, fire and emergency New Zealand were called to the blaze on kilauea road at about ten 30 last night, initially there were more than 20 firefighters at the site. It comes four and a half weeks after a Cypriot scrap metal yard when tump and flames just a couple of kilometers away. Plans to ensure the country has access to healthy food for years to come. The government announced a new rules to protect highly productive land from becoming housing estates. It'll require counsels to identify math and manage that land, and only be able to rezone it for subdivisions in limited circumstances. Bio protection altira direct professor Amanda black says, it's better late than never. As I say that diesel's on the detail and positive tend to be quite general and broad. And that's how you implement them truly legislation and how those, I guess, managed. Counsels have three years to work out we're highly productive landers and then two years to change plans to make it clear where you're not allowed to subdivide. A Merrill hopeful believes a lack of affordable accommodation is holding down Queenstown. The queen sound likes mayoralty is wide open with incumbent Jim boltz stepping down at October's local elections. One of the 6 candidates will end up with the tasks of dealing with the districts critical lack of staff and affordable housing. Former lawyer and startup Queenstown chief executive Olivia winsley says accommodation is a pressing issue. We have people hot building in town. So during a day shift and the other one's doing a night shift that revolting is just not good enough. And a collection of notable New Zealand artwork says sold for 13 and a half $1 million. The bank of New Zealand collection includes pieces from the likes of Conor McKeon, Rita Angus and Robin white. However, there have been some critics of the sale one as former prime minister Helen Clark, who says because the pieces were born when the bank was state owned, the collection shouldn't be sold to private collectors. Webb's director of art, Charles Nino, says he can see why people want to speak about it. It's a great thing when artworks foster debate. And it's been a good thing to hear. What we have to say about the collection and to also have to express their love for the collection and the view of its importance. That's news talks they've been used with Hitachi hate pumps your affordable premium heat pumps. Sport with John Ryan feudal directors continuing a family tradition since 1881. In New York City, sport good morning, New Zealand has secured medals at the world of venting championships for the first time in 12 years. Tim price on falca has taken bronze just outside Rome and clear show jumping round, left him with 26.2 penalties overall, three behind winner yasmin ingham of Britain. The team with the addition of Janelle price and tints and debits on Monica Spencer in 21st also earned bronze behind winners Germany and the United States Tim price is the performance was uplifting with an Olympics on the horizon. Almost like the beginning of what, you know, we are so close to a gold medal at tangible. We can taste it and you know this here is a market point for what we are capable of as a little nation in the sport and it's only two years now to Paris. To Rowling and four advances from 5 for the New Zealand cruise on the opening day of the world championships in the Czech Republic wins from imma twig in the single skulls and Jackie kittle in the lightweight version led directly into the semifinals. Second for Matt McDonald and Tom mcintosh in the pierce saw them do the same and seeking for single scholar Jordan parry took him into the quarters lightweight double scullers met Dunham and Chris stockley missed the quarterfinals. To local headlines in Kenya, Canterbury women are national hockey champions, the cat spate north harbor two one in the final in dunedin. The main one, the third and fourth playoff three two over Auckland. The Canterbury bowls are two from two to open the national rugby league premiership they've beaten counties Monaco, 26 18, it's not for a while. The candy pride is open to their women's national league football campaign on a winning note. They've beaten central three goals to nil at English park. And a bright story result for Christchurch's Alice zeeman alongside Shauna Polly at the Asian beach volleyball championships in Thailand, the duo won the competition beating the heavily favored Australian two sim in the final. I'm not guilty. That's news talks he'd been news and sport to 24 away from 7 might cost him. He's with you next. Weather with ryman healthcare, pioneering a new way of retirement living. Currently with a few spots of rain for your Monday, then finding up with some high cloud for the afternoon fresh nor east delays will ease at the south as crash church makes its way to a top of 21° then down to 8 tonight tomorrow Tuesday cloudy, clearing becoming fine in the afternoon, nor the latest will ease across the day 20° our maximum then overnight down to 7. As for later in the week, it does start to cool down from about Wednesday through to Friday temperatures dropping back to about 12°. At the moment, it's 10°. On news talks it'd be. You told zippy Christchurch, time saber traffic. Say hello, holidays with Christchurch casino, good morning. Now taking a quick look at right across the garden city, we've got no delays on bronze street spout at selwyn light flows Richardson road westbound

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