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And I didn't really like them but I just went along with it for Tony and Ozzy sake we went to play them to Rick Rubin and I just thought God he's a really crap I think Tony and Ozzy might have liked them but they weren't up to scratch I didn't think so the four of us have like I have to like something for it to be good it can't be just two of us so that's as far as it went looking at albums is another question looking at albums from the Sabbath catalog 1992's dehumanizer is underrated what are the memories that stay with you from that period it was great to get back with Ronnie James do again after all the horrible things that had happened between us we'd sort of grown up a little bit by then we were a little more than we were a little more mature and can talk about stuff on that album I was actually presenting stuff that I was writing to Tony and Ronnie which I hadn't really done before I'd been doing my own stuff I wrote lots and lots of solo stuff but I had quite a lot of things written and I thought was suitable for the band I felt more part of the band being able to bring my stuff that I was writing to them whether they liked it or not but quite a bit of it was used on the album so I was really happy doing that album I was not a fan of the Ronnie James do years not at all saw them a concert wasn't really yeah it I was 16 so drunk Perry dead of it speaking of AI thinking of AI artificial intelligence Perry benefits from the music relish podcast the AI behind the music relish podcast he just commented in Milli Vanilli would get their Grammys back with all this AI stuff what happened to them is not so shocking now maybe that's a good point man that's a good point absolutely you know there's a lot to be said about that comment so true question you

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