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N e thenacting it's really hard to canada say that well marketing and sales need to look at the commission because there's so missions actually there's so much processes that that is going on and bulte working together but i do believe that there is netted to the debate and the jury's still out of how things could be could be done and i'm williams open two two to that idea at some point tutor geometry it's the logical extension of what's happening with a bmn accountbased selling a marketing is the um i mean the spark arguably in the past as as sir back to the future because its best this is the way companies have organized themselves oftentimes for years is is yeah were we're to go out and get this big account or these big accounts and we're gonna put a team together that's going to work on one or more of these accounts and will have people from all sorts of different organizations but you know there's nobody that's bam sales mark in the roads part of this team that's what we start seeing sales marketing the disappears that there currently constitute as cervino silo to organizations just now we're gonna pick these seven people they're going to have converse discipline sabas do these opportunities and when these after his are closed they're gonna go redefined new project working other opportunities yeah i think the key change that i i believe has happened in the last few years and add definitely a theme that a lot at terminus an offer customers is that marketing is not responsible for the accounts you need to go after and that is a new day that is not hasbeen be the history of sales and marketing relationship sales have all these being responsible for sourcing the accounts which accounts after the sdr team as you know we'll do it cold calls to any and every account and they have their own process to go through it and all that stuff and they are at the end of the day coming up the table were coming up in the accounts what has changed at terminus and opting in most abm thinking organization is at marketing.

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