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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of mr out loud. I'm woody came. We have a very special show for you this week. A for both winners from daytona in the series and the camping world truck series will join us as they get set to go back to daytona and race there on the road course this weekend. Defending xfinity series champ. Austin syndrich is here along with ben road from sport racing after he won in the camping world truck series in the season opener. Both drivers next on out loud. Austin syndrich joins us now. He drives the number twenty. Two ford mustangs for team penske and he started off defense of his xfinity series championship with a win at daytona and ran the daytona five hundred. Still a big smile on your face. Often what a weekend as your head stop spinning yet. Maybe always the one after that last lap a no. It's definitely great way to start the earnings affinity Our guys effort over the off season brings fast mustangs. And you know. I don't think we've we've been in a car at some of these super speedways in the past. And i was actually kinda bummed out one waltham. I was right now. Because i wanted to showcase the the the games because we showed significant improvements in our single car speeding practice and that showed the ratio we controlled a lot of the race in were able to execute their the end on a green white checkered with a great push from. Aj and Yeah with winning a rising budget ford mustang. That car looked really sharp. By the way that big five g and the flat black on their look really nice and even though you wanted some practice. I couldn't disappointed to start up front in that event. But tell me if it went sort of like you expected or if it was completely the other way around. I know almost everybody who raised tone of this weekend was in some kind of overtime finish. Yeah i mean. There is a lot of moments in that race day. I think i think for me Heading into that weekend mindset Surrounding at his chase chase for them in the field you know chase chase briscoe. Ni- last year worked really well together on the super speedways it obeying the fords and still really in the last couple of races being able to control the race at some point. Find each other so that was heading into the weekend. A new challenge and working with a rally herbs and in ryan see you know we got together. We talked it out. We tried to establish some sort of trust and Early early parts of the race. Where would to work together on restarts in in be able to kind of set the groundwork for for moving forward but but past that you know like i said we a lot of speed and i think that showed you know. I think that was the most times my spotter up over the radio telling me that people wanted to work with us and and that tells you fast racecar. It makes your life a lot easier as a driver when when you can showcase that speeds. I'm just really proud of that of my guys. Proud proud of them continuing to develop and proud of my spotter colin presley. I think this is. I went on a superspeedway and and he works harder than anybody else. Man i mean he's he's one of those guys you put in the effort and he'll equal it so it's been fun to see that he was. He was so excited. We after the race and i heard i heard his voice crack a few times on the last lap. You know little jokes and he was telling me that is not get fogging up the last lap. He was breathing in art. So anyway i was really happy for him is probably how i was doing that thing. But yeah a great way to start the year and Of and keep them going and it took a little drama to get there but you make your first daytona five hundred as well and you ran. Well at times led a little bit but man at the end of that thing you got caught in that last big one and looking at the slow motion replay and i can say this now because we know everybody was who was in it was okay but the only thing i can think of was going through like one of those flame. Broiler burger things away. All the fire was around. You even tweeted virus hot. I guess it is man. I mean i try not to sound smart when i say that. But it's hot like cow. Like i've never experienced something more real in powerful than that kind of a fire in honestly. We're lucky that there was at the race on low fuel. I mean bradley had probably three laps fuel left or something like that at least given the stints. And that's what all came out on a out of the car onto the track and onto my car. So i feel very fortunate that the cars are safe because regardless of the fire which. I'm submitted visually spectacular. But that was a big impact. I i put a lot of money that we re people on on the On the data recorder for for that one. So i'm feeling a little bit of the days after fine so like i said very very forced nascar team penske bill safe race cars and ready to go again not necessarily the p. One you want but that leads to my next question. Do you know what other cup races. You're going to attempt yet this year or not. I know things might have still been up in the air a little bit. But do you know which one you're going to go to yet now. I mean after this weekend. The plan plans to change the challenge with announcing or getting people excited or urge to speculate. On what you were going to do that. You know a lot of the races that we're going to attempt to do that. Don't have practice and qualifying. We don't know that were in them yet until the entry less comes out in what that looks like so i'm not going to get too far ahead of ourselves but we've got a short list of places we want to go at the end of the day. I i'm trying to get in. I think the teams in tennis wall so try and get as much experience as many different tracks as possible between mile and a half so factual courses. I don't see me run another superspeedway So that boxes boxes jack. The obviously learned a lot merely showcase real. Well kind of get the ball rolling on this thirty three team. Because there's there's a lot of guys i would say to join. The team is not all of the team of thirty three car. They all have other jobs within the race team so that's a really big load on them So so i was really impressed with how they dealt with that and I mean as i should rather the best of the best penske. These guys are the best so Maybe i shouldn't be abreast. But i didn't really great job with a miles. Did a great job on the boxer weekend Fortunately as a slight miscue on a road kind of between the three of us between me miles in in our crew probably missed opportunity to be in the closing laps there. So i'm pretty bummed about that because after you re merge Outside of the top ten. I pretty much knew i was twenty laps away from getting wrecked so That's how racist go. And you just gotta move forward. Well let's talk about something. You are familiar with back to your your regular gig and the xfinity series defending champion. Now you had to the road course at daytona. Where you one last year. Is that something. Now that you've kind of gotten the the daytona five hundred under your belt and done something you haven't done before now you're going to a place where it kind of feels like Your your favorite pair of shoes or something going back on. Because you're you're one of the best road racers in the reason you won their last year. Yeah obviously there's there's a difference between speedway racing and a lot of the other racetracks go to this year..

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