Rocklin, Roseville, Jim Disentis discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Might I I once the my wife and I took the train Amtrak up to Rockland rotten has its own Amtrak station like just past Roseville my daughter lived up there there's a called strike she and her husband in Rocklin on to the count a lot of people that I went to high school with live in the Roseville area there's a whole he read it high school enclave relocated the Roseville this ground ball foul up the first base side to the count including my high school baseball coach Jim Disentis who perhaps it was been more noteworthy to mention that he coached a few plays are made the big leagues as players as a ball low at one point he had the don Walker much to who's been a professional player I'm a big league manager is currently a bench coach and on the same team he had Jack del Rio there's a ball no one outside it's too into the real Chris ended up being a an outstanding football player became an excellent football coach in the NFL the raiders here for awhile across the bay the end of both the guy who was a being a professional catcher him he put somewhere.

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