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This season that they've lost back to back games. Also did it March against the jazz in the sons the guys who called the game here on ESPN radio marquess assure and he'll be Brown brand new series. Best to three remaining game. Four goes to Toronto. And something I guess nobody could have predicted for Nick nurse his bench. Hugh became through big time in game four. When you look at it, they scored forty eight points. The outscored Milwaukee forty eight to twenty in bench points, but the key of the three key guys Baca pal vanfleet there were eighteen thirty six they shot fifty percent. Then they made seven threes. And then he bucket gets thirteen rebounds. So when you look at what the bench did, yes. Okay, but then also the first group did a good job. They back it up. Six guys in double figures. That is fantastic. Plus the fact that they played the walkie even in the paint, even in second chance points, where they were getting mauled in the first three games, so you have to give them not only the bench, but then the defense, then I like what Nikkan urged it when he played small and that was move Leonard to power forward. Either Casale DACA at the center position Powell at small floor and then go within the fleet and lower in the back court, you only reason way you could do that is because vanfleet came out of nowhere with thirteen points and shot made the three ball. So you just happy for the coaching staff, making the right moves in buying. Time. And then I can't get enough about he Bach, okay? Grabbing for three. What where is this guy? He's not even planes. Twenty minutes. He delivered in twenty four minutes, very productive seventeen points, thirteen rebounds. You brought up Leonard. They only had to play him for thirty four. We say, only because he's been playing about forty minutes in ninety player fifty two he's obviously less than one hundred percent. Another forty eight hours to heal as we move ahead to game five can Toronto bring this same kind of intensity, especially defensively, Janas, who got his numbers with twenty five and ten but wasn't as effective? We've seen him normally. Well, look Toronto has a great chance. Because in fact there are good road team. Now we said they could have won game one only down. I mean, they're up to three thirty to go. They go for a and unfortunately they lose. But I just want to say this about Milwaukee once again. They shoot a poor three point percents, down shoot thirty one percents. Yeah but yeah, they made eleven but they didn't get forty four shots off. Like they have been thirty five. You say, well, why bring in that up because the defense closed them out and didn't allow them, the open looks that they were accustomed to that was that. And then how 'bout only seven second chance opportunities. So you know we try to keep bringing it out in the second half because it was one out one out, one out. They were not mauling them and getting second chance opportunities and Toronto could do nothing about it with four little guys out on the floor Leonard at six little, they are in this series. And the did not provide a lift for Mike boot holding flex tonight or sunny, Lee silver three for five, but Malcolm Brogdon two for eleven George hill only got a couple of shots. And we are all tied at two. The home team has won every game of the first four title. A two game five headed to Milwaukee, Thursday night, seven thirty eastern here on ESPN radio. Final scoring.

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