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Close circles as the military leadership that you're talking about it include what we heard last week right with the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford and here's what he said speaking before the senate last week it makes sense to me the or are holding up agreements that we have shunned the list as a material breach it would have an impact than others willingness to sign agreements yes so there you go and then there's another part to that right because we heard something echoed the very similar awhile mad dog was testifying with dunford that the right that the us is going to stay in the deal or something it brive with the pat matter who have not it by the way i eat says their how you said that nagged died in a press invented the accurate consider that a nickname jio but yes sir mattis said that uh the deal third us national security in her he said that the us and the deal on any also hinted that trump could not free certified the deal by by not refer to find the art hongren having he talked about this in and out of hinted at it but he brought it that um which is in itself because he you know to mention that this is a tool trump past few yeah and the deal was reached a couple of years ago right is in 2015 we talked about a lot here on america tonight with a lot of different experts and obviously it was a hot wire then it was controversial and still is right yeah that's right and people who say that the us should pull out of the deal say that it hasn't thought um iran's malign behavior and then they also point out that it has provisions in it that will strengthen that uh that will lift 70s cap uh that were praise on ron um and look interesting though again is actually chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joseph vert acknowledge these points but he spoke before the senate last week and lead by the us focused on addressing we know that.

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